I copied my rant bulletin that I made for MySpace last night.
I want to blog it here since I might be leaving MySpace completely just to make my life less complicated. I titled this "Happiness". It's a bit raw. :

338 to 163 and still a few more to go.

I'm very happy that our needs were heard.

I knew that we would win, but I did not expect that such a high percentage of the nation would understand the change that we need.

The great thing is that the majority AND the electoral votes were so strong towards Obama.

I will be much happier getting more money back from these crazy taxes and I will be very happy as the house and senate help to bring EQUALITY to everyone. Everyone deserves this. The rich ($250K+/year) are GLADLY going to pay more so that the rest of us can have a break.
Nothing is perfect.
Next year is going to be incredibly comforting.

I lost 2 "friends" today. Actually, they weren't really friends and aren't really worth mentioning in that form, but they dropped me because of this election and because of my lack of belief in what they "seem" to believe in.

I say "seem", because instead of conversing (nicely) about what they believe, they drop me and run. From what I gather, they will believe whatever somebody tells them. Even if that reason is stupid, they have that right.

I don't know about you, but if I believe in something and someone asks me a question about it, I don't have the slightest problem in saying why. I can believe what I want. This is America. The land founded on religious freedom.

They could have easily just said, "I don't feel comfortable talking about that" or "It isn't really your business".

All I got was a boot and they ran with their tails between their legs.

Without going into it, I will tell you that they spread complete lies and then instead of being willing to talk about it, they dodge and run. Weak cowards.

They didn't CARE about WHAT they said or even if it was true. They just wanted to spread rumors for a fake emotional response.

It isn't that I really care. These people mean nothing to me. I'm just using them to explain one of the major reasons why I PERSONALLY THINK McCain didn't make it very far. When you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

I won't mention her name, but I talked with one Christian in particular that told me exactly why she voted for McCain/Palin. She also made it very clear that she thinks people should vote for what they believe in. It completely shocked me, but it was exactly what I wanted. I thanked her for that because I'm actually DECENT (despite what you think).

The problem happens when people talk a big bad game and then throw the Bible (usually falsely quoted) in my face and then wonder why I would respond. Was I supposed to falsely bow my head and pretend that I believe just like you. Sorry, I'm am a huge skeptic with ALL things. That's just how I'm wired.

I will not follow along just because it makes you more comfortable. I won't lose a REAL friend for being REAL.

Pointing fingers and trying to make people FEAR instead of talking about issues just didn't work. This is the problem with being on the conservative side. There are so many useless rules and there is generally tons of hatred. Funny enough, most conservatives want to hold onto 'old law', but don't want to follow it. Family values of the most important, but that doesn't include my divorce or my cheating. Godliness is good, but only if I get to keep my money. I'll smile on Sunday mornings to make up for it. I have kids out of wedlock, but now I love Jesus so it's all good. WHY put rules on yourself just for the sake of having them? Why not just go to church if you want, have kids when you want them and stop creating this ILLUSION that old world views are even relavent.

Stop caring about what everyone else thinks about you.

It is a very freeing, comforting experience.

We don't want hate. We don't want FEAR. We want results.
Why fear and be scared? Why not look forward and try to improve this horrible situation that we've gotten ourselves in?

WHY ON EARTH would you base your opinion on race when there are so, so many issues that matter?

Back to my friends that were never real friends.

You don't have to make up crap. There are plenty of facts to debate on.

They called THEIR NEW PRESIDENT Anti-Christ and then posted FAKE quotes from the Bible. They didn't write the post, but they spread the gossip (like most Christians do if it spreads their word-- this is my experience) without even caring to see if it was real. Those are pretty big claims to make when you don't even read the bible.

The problem is that you MUST READ and stop forwarding your stupid crap and PUTTING YOUR NAME ON IT without even WONDERING if maybe it's false information.

It's your fucking integrity.

Suck it up.

Yes, I am super happy.

My household is probably better than anyone I know.

We are both very happy about our new president.

My opinions are very passionate about politics, lies, equality and this disease known as religion. They are based on truth and not gossip.

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