I do believe in a higher power, but it is not an invisible entity, rather it is the sum total of the experiences of all people, which are entities that can be easily and obviously shown to exist.

It is worthless to submit to ideologies and systems of thought that do not increase the net benefit (in quantifiable and concrete ways)to yourself, and those around you. A theist believes in god, and reward for obedience as motivation. I believe in the maximization of life and happiness for people, as a logical necessity.

According to my own personal ideals, other people share consciousness that is congruous to one's own, and therefore, deserving of equal consideration. Not all people share a similar level of ability or talent, however, and those that do are obligated to help those that do not.

This is not to say that freeloaders should be rewarded, (obviously others are responsible for their own well being to the best of their abilities) nor am I advocating selflessness to a self destructive level, but voracious amassing of ludicrous amounts of wealth for personal use, to the exclusion of others, who may be in more dire need, is inexcusable and immoral to the extreme. I would go so far as to call it a "sin" against my higher power (overall quality of life of all people).

Not all people have consistent or realistic world view, and this leads to problems as well, as I alluded to in my first post. Often, this leads to behavior which is violent, discriminatory, oppressive and destructive to familial cohesion (as I myself experienced with my family). Only by being truly rational and having a realistic and quantifiable definition of good, can people live in harmony.

I personally posit that "good" in terms of an objective term, would be applicable to anything that increases health, longevity and comfort. "Evil" would be anything that decreases these or removes choice from people (choice obviously being limited to that which does not cause harm to others).

A huge problem with religion is that people separate one another into tribes and segments, with one, (generally the tribe a person is a member of) being the best, and the only one truly deserving of fair treatment and equal status. A good example of this is Jews and their laws against intermarriage (the fact that the word intermarriage even exists is saddening, and indicative of inherent bias).

Another good example is Islam's Sharia law and it's oppressive laws against women and it's violent views toward rectification of the world towards its ideals. Clearly, in Islam, man is less important than the will of allah. This, in my view, is immoral, even discounting the inherent fantasy involved in any theistic system. It is, however, morally consistent for them, starting from their faulty premise. To them, a suicide bomber is literally a martyr. (May not apply to more peaceful flavors of Islam, but such extremist segments do exist.)

People often say, in discussion on the nature of faith, "Well, you have to believe in something."

Why not believe in something that is real, and can actually motivate you to make positive changes in the world, without the promise of some stupid banal afterlife?

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Comment by Matt A on March 29, 2010 at 12:56am
Its a repost from my blog that no one visits :)



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