And I can't be the only one! 

Is anyone else just the least bit disturbed by how integrated everything is getting on the internet?  Maybe I'm just old and fussy, or maybe I just value both my time and my privacy enough that I don't want to squander one to control the other, but I really don't like this trend of running every little thing that is done on the internet through facebook or twitter.  I don't "tweet" at all, but I started an account when it was first getting popular, made a handful of comments and stopped because I didn't even care about what I was writing so I figured no one else would either.

I also have a facebook page, however I do not want my family and friends knowing every facet of everything that I do online.  I am not "out" to my family or my job because it would cause unnecessary strife that, quite frankly, I don't feel like dealing with.  My family knows I don't go to church and haven't been for years, and that's all they need to know. 

What started this?  A link to a stupid poll about god and the option to comment on said poll... AND have my comment posted on my facebook and twitter, etc.  Quite frankly I don't need the fallout that commenting about my disbelief on the internet would cause between myself and my family.  I've heard that Google+ is supposed to be working on this very issue by having "circles" and "groups" and such, and maybe that will be a better solution. 

For now though, it is just plain annoying to have to deal with every website asking if I want to sign in through Facebook and let everyone know that I've been there.  I don't care if my facebook friends have gone to a recipe website to search for a honey-walnut shrimp recipe, why would anyone else care if I have??

I guess I see the downside to people knowing too much information about me (like my family knowing the extent of my atheism), and the stupid side of people knowing too much information about me (like anyone giving a crap what inane website I might be looking at or what shows I might be watching on the TV), and virtually no up side to any of it.

Maybe I'm just getting old... If that's the case, then I might as well at least do it with grace and dignity, and so I shall end this with an emphatic wave of my cane and a hearty "GET OFFA MY LAWN!!"




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Comment by TNT666 on July 25, 2011 at 5:23pm

I have similar frustrations. I joined FB within a year of its creation, I really liked the old version where every word I wrote I could control the extent of connectivity. So by simply typing atheist, I could see all others who typed atheist, with regional priority, IF they so set their privacy, without the annoying intermediary of middlemen sign-ins. A year and a half ago, when FB changed its privacy settings and switched from being a social media to a "commerce-social" media, I stopped hanging out there. Changed all my privacy to a restricted list among my "friends" list, and NEVER use the "like" feature, or the "log-in with" (Google or FB), NEVER. It's annoying enough that internet mergers have caused common log-ins by default (youtube, amazon, google), if this happens more, I might end up making a whole bunch of new accounts!


I remember in language classes in high school we spent most of grade 12 on the principals of communication, the concept of target audience, and appropriate levels of language. Each of my internet conversations is specifically geared to those specific persons with which I'm having an exchange with, not the entire world.


If I wanted to speak to the entire world I'd write blogs (which I dislike most of) or books. I do neither, for now. Will I one day want to write a book? heck, maybe, but not today. Meanwhile I like the freedom of having candid conversations with people of different philosophical inclinations. Remaining open to the eclectic mix that is my life. If I was writing for the entire population, I'd have to do major censorship and I don't want to do that.



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