Some time ago I saw this quote:
"It’s a strange myth that atheists have nothing to live for. It’s the opposite. We have nothing to die for. We have everything to live for" --- Ricky Gervais

This galvanized the dormant muse in me & inspired me to type out the following free verse:
OUR RAISON DETRE – A free verse

It’s a strange myth,
That atheists have nothing,
To Live for.

In fact it’s the opposite –
We have nothing,
To Die for.

For the religious
A Godless Universe
Makes no sense
What's the point
They say

What’s the point 
Of living
Without a Purpose
They say


For us
No martyrdom
No 72 virgins
Beside the river
Of wine.

No credits for increasing
The entropy 
By beheading
The blasphemers.

Die we will
when our time comes
It’s inevitable

It's inevitable
For multicellular

But before that
We must ensure
We leave this world, 
A little better.

A little better
Than it was.
Before we existed
With our unique

Since for us there is
No eternal Afterlife
Life before death
Though transient
Becomes invaluable

It is true
There is no meaning of life
Bestowed on us
Other than
What meaning we create
In our own lives

In the absence
Of omnipotent entities
We have to assume
The role of a surrogate

And as a surrogate
for gods & goddesses
We have to do our mite
To alleviate
Human misery

No help
Is insignificant
Even if it is just
Throwing back

Throwing back into
The ocean 
One suffocating Starfish
Stranded on the beach
In low tide

So we say
With justifiable pride
We have everything
To live for.

-- vnk kumar

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