My MJ concert tickets have finally arrived!

I bought a few tickets to different shows that Michael Jackson was scheduled to perform in London earlier in the summer, and decided to refund all except one so as to keep it as 1. memorabilia if I were to remain a proper fan, or 2. a future investment.

My sister scanned these for me, and I'm told it's all shiny and holographic.

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Comment by Little Name Atheist on October 21, 2009 at 9:57am
I suspect these are a lot fancier than the tickets I should have had to see Bob Marley. A friend had bought our tickets, and before I got a chance to say anything, had got refunds for both of them. It was the first concert he canceled after he found he had cancer.

Anyhow... yeah. I'll bet you'd have rather seen him perform than have the tickets. I was a big J5 fan, and am catching up on his music post J5.



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