I haven't checked back at the nexus in a while, and partly this is because I have been busy working on my new column at Examiner.com where I am the "DC Political Atheist Examiner."

If you haven't been by, I'd love for everybody to check it out.

Here are some recent highlights:

  • In my first post, I talk about the state of atheist acceptance in America today:
    We are a small minority of nonbelievers within a country that is positively rippling with religious fervor. We value reason, science, and facts, but we often struggle to find leaders and representatives who weigh those values over those of faith and irrationality. We tend to be humanistic and tolerant, open to debate and questioning, while we are among the least liked, least trusted, and least tolerated by our neighbors. In such an environment it is extremely difficult to find a seat at the political table, let alone advance an agenda or put forward a candidate for office. Happily, President Obama has made a point of rhetorically including the nonreligious in recent speeches, but it is in the midst of a political situation that labels atheists as untouchables, as evidenced in the closing weeks of the North Carolina Senate race in which one candidate accused the other of befriending nonbelievers, only to have the other candidate repudiate the charge--and the nonbelievers as well.
  • I take a look at the potential value of promoting secularism in the interests of national security:
    To get a little idealistic for a moment, perhaps the U.S.'s best bet in mitigating the threat posed by any religious extremism, wherever it may arise, is to emphasize our own secular, nonreligious foundations and to wear them on our sleeve, showcasing a civilization in which fulfillment and happiness can be found in the freedom to choose one's own path; that the fruits of the Enlightenment are still available to all of humanity.
  • I speculate as to whether a recent uptick in chatter among theists about the New Atheists is an indication of the power of the nontheistic argument.
  • I look at the phenomenon of theist panic over the mention of atheism here.
  • And boy, that Bill Maher is a handful...for everybody!
And there's lots more. I hope you all enjoy the work!

Oh yes, by the way, this is the same post I put up on my account at Think Atheist as well. I hope you'll forgive any repetition!

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