Today I was having an argument with a couple of fundies, as always. If they called me vile, hateful or intolerant, I responded with

"Besides, you, Christians are the ones tormenting everyone else with hellfire if we don't believe your version of the story. The real difference between you and the muslims is, you threaten with hell, they make sure you get there quickly.

How dare you threaten the rest of us with eternal hellfire, if we don't believe in your story and then when someone complains, start yelling "Why are you persecuting us? We are just trying to be peaceful people who believe in God!"? How dare you!

Wait a minute. Why is religion safe from criticism? If the same criticism was applied to liberal politics that I apply to religion, it would be way too light to appear on Fox News... The same with Conservative politics and the Liberal media."

The full conversation can be found HERE.

What do you think? Was I being too light or too harsh?

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