Love requires the existence of a material partnership base on communication, among other important factors. The fact the god does not communicate back in an easily recognizable way proves of it's non-existence. Being in love with god would be like being in love with a fictional character. That clearly is not love!

by Doug Monka

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Comment by Loren Miller on May 10, 2018 at 5:51am

May I offer the following corollary to your quote:

Something which does not exist cannot help us, but chronic dependence on something which fails to exist does active harm to all of us.
-- me

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Comment by Compelledunbeliever on April 21, 2018 at 1:30pm

I like your idea and your thinking. I do see a flaw in this logic. I have an ex-girlfriend that I have not seen, had anny contact with or even seen or heard about in over 25 years. I still love her. She does not communicate back in an easily recognizable way, Does this prove that she does not in fact exist?

My love for her is clearly one way, but my personal emotions do in fact exist as they did for God when I was a fundamentalist. This may prove I'm a buffoon, but it does not prove that God or my ex-girlfriends existance nor non-existance. Thank you for your thought provoking post.



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