My Reflection on revising public health services....

So, I went to the NYPH board for a routine HIV/STD test and the process is terrifying enough...However, the ways in which the officials go about making individuals feel calm, confident and important is horrible. Not to mention the individuals were not called in the order in which they arrived...Which caused more chaos. Also, individuals that do not recieve good results should not be sent back to the general waiting room. They need to have immediate counseling and consulation. These people just got horrible knews they don't need to be with people who probably got "good news" they are pissed...HELLO!!! However, this is merely my reflection.

Second, the environment is sterile, isolatory and severe. I know that this is a free service for the individuals in the city but I feel that my tax dollars would better utilized to create a calm, welcoming and orderly environment. So, maybe I should become a psychologist....

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Comment by Anwar Diamante on November 2, 2009 at 8:25am
I do know that the Canadian versus U.S. healthcare system are polar opposites. I am originally from Detroit. My Canadian friends joke and say: "My word, your practically Canadian." In some cases I do feel that way because I grew up going to Timmy Ho's as opposed to

Any who, my grand-mothers one being a Registered nurse, the other a recently retired State Employed Social Worker have both worked with Canadian citizens. I grew up being envious of the Healthcare and Education initiatives that your country has done in an effort to secure the welfare of its people. I, on the other hand had to scrape to survive throughout my college and graduate school education. There were no benefits i.e. public assistance or health insurance available to sustain me. If I needed an eye-exam to replace my contact lenses or eyeglasses I had to come out of pocket to do so. If I needed to see a doctor ---Oh well... I havent been to a dentist in over ten years because I don't have health insurance.

This is the reality that I and millions of Americans are faced with each and everyday. Ironically, I moved from an impoverished city/state to the country's most expensive city/state (NY, NY) and I work two jobs. I have a Master's degree and I still don't make enough money to obtain an apartment, afford health insurance and I owe over $100, 000 in student loans because you have to pay full price for University education...

It sucks but its "the American way." So, I fore-warn Canadians and others about wanting to obtain American citizenship. It's not all what it's cracked up to be... Besides, Gays can't get married in all the states in the Union...
Comment by Anwar Diamante on November 1, 2009 at 8:33am
Yeah, I posted this blog in the Medical atheists group too. Jean Marie did suggest that I should see about fundraising possibilities. I was in shock cause I felt that it is NYC. I mean, it is the number 1 city for STD/HIV transmission. So, I expect for them to have it together.

Numbers were called out of order. People were naturally agitated, scared, anxious, etc. So, you know that when individuals are waiting and see numbers are called out of sequence it drives them crazy. Not to mention, there were no magazines, books, the T.V monitor had nothing playing. You talk about crazy... Luckily, my results came back negative. However, there were individuals that were not as fortunate and you saw the looks on their faces. It was gut wrenching to have to witness that.

I had the pleasure of being able to immeditately call my boyfriend and say: "all clear." but there were those who were with their boyfriends, girlfriends and/ or partners and they had to shake their heads "no" and they were on the brink of tears.

I didnt even mention that they called out "code blue" of course us by-standers in the waiting room are like What!?!

I vowed that after I took my test and subsequently got my results that I would do my damnedest to rectify this. I as a human, taxpayer, educator can not sit around and watch this...
Comment by Little Name Atheist on November 1, 2009 at 12:45am
Maybe you should. Thankfully, the places I've been HIV/STD tested were better organized than this. Sounds horrible!



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