I started writing a lens on Squidoo to promote some of my atheist relevant web content but then I branched out from there to other topics.

If you want to help a starving atheist afford her meds next month, visit some of my Squidoo lenses. My rankings increase according to the number of views I get combined with the star ratings others give my pages. All of this adds up to about $12 per month for lenses that stay in the top two thousand on Squidoo.

So you can help the poor (me) with little effort and without spending a penny just by clicking on the links below.

What Evolution Isn't
An Atheist View
Kylyssa's Fondant Birthday Cakes
Florist Tips On Buying, Ordering, Arranging, and Caring For Flowers
Saltwater Aquarium DIY
Gourmet Food Recipes For The Average Cook
What I Learned While Being Homeless

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