I will tell my story to complete strangers because  I have no one else to tell it to:

After having a near death experience for the 9th time I decided to stop playing Russian Roulette with my life and leave Syria. 

I was in Damascus at that time, all my papers were in Daraa, and sadly, the Army had the city under siege while the rebels were bombing it nonstop.

I managed to get my family out of it (parents and sister).


All my papers were in my parent's house ( Engineering Diploma, my post master graduation degree, my training certificates, everything I worked hard for. All my life work is in an envelope in my parents' house and there is no chance in hell I will leave Syria without it even if I get killed in the process.

I went the first time with a Taxi since we sold our car a few months ago and the Taxi owner wanted to go back to Daraa to get some stuff. I asked my father for the house key and he gave it to me. I asked him 3 times to make sure:  are you sure this is the right key and he said yes.

I entered the city using my work's ID that enabled me to bypass many security points since I had a mobile network field Engineer. The moment I stepped out the Taxi to go into my parents’ house missiles started to fall around the city. The Taxi drove away so fast leaving me there. I rushed to the door to open it only to find I have been giving the wrong key.

I was standing against a closed door and missiles are falling everywhere. nowhere to run nowhere to hide.

My only chance of survival was to run to the city entrance in hope of finding a car or a bus because it is the main bus station. I ran for 5 km and when I was 500 meter near it a small missile hit near the bus station and all the cars and busses disappeared.

After some time there were some cars fleeing but they were all full. After 20 minutes a car came by, I jumped into it and we got out of the city.


A few days later I came back with a car I took the whole set of keys from my father this time and hurled into the door, my father locked every door in our big house.

 40 doors with 40 untagged keys.

My hands were shaking and the keys kept on falling on the floor  I managed to reach the second floor where my room is, I looked at it for the last time and grabbed only what is precious to me. My papers and a small bag that contained every gift my past lovers gave me.

I jumped into the car that is when fire shooting started: BUT THEN I WAS OUT OF THE CITY:

Sadly, the small bag of sentimental value got lost when I send them from Turkey to Germany, even though I begged my sister to pick it up from the post office but she never did.

I send my papers with my cousin who flew to Germany legally and he send it from East Germany to my sister's house in NRW but the envelope never reached her.

And I lost my mind in the process. I thought I lost them for ever but after 25 days it appeared at my sister's door

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Comment by John Dumaker on September 11, 2017 at 10:44pm

You should indeed write a book. Tales of a female atheist from Syria is particularly intriguing as well as your experiences in Germany.

Comment by Compelledunbeliever on September 11, 2017 at 10:32pm

This is a story that needs to be told, you have the talent to write it. 

Comment by Frankie Dapper on September 11, 2017 at 5:41pm

Katze, as long as i have known you and i did not know the details. You have a story to tell. Be a writer. You have a story to tell that is captivating as a human interest story. You can also shed light on how life is for a refugee in Germany. The story is the more compelling because you are an atheist. 

Being a writer gives you an opportunity for recompense and ought to be quite cathartic. 



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