My story that gives an idea how it all started, and how its going to end for us.

Transhumanism kind of to an extreme, an incredible reduction in footprint, and extreme efficiency. Its an idea anyway, and incidentally explains dark matter.

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Comment by ryan cameron on December 11, 2009 at 8:53am
We do have "souls" just like computers have software. The story is basically the idea that our "software" that is, the personality that exists as information, memories, and functions (incredibly complex sets of instructions) in our brains can be downloaded into a smaller, more complex network than our brains, say something functioning where subatomic particles function as the "neurons" and we effectively form a huge civilization that is entirely information based, and can adapt to any hardware. It could function using stars or even galaxies as "neurons" or quarks, subatomic particles as "neurons".

Once we figure that out, we're set to effectively join the continuum of the universe. Software controls effectively is...God.



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