Should Atheists support other problems with religion and humanity besides just the lack of proof for god?

  I was listening to the Godless Bitches podcast.

Should Atheists support other problems with religion and humanity besides just the lack of proof for god?

In my opinion every Atheist should at least think about being tolerant of everything that the churches exclude. L.B.G.T. woman's rights civil rights pollution etc. Or they have not fully thought out why they are atheists in the first place,yet. Being so marginalized in society all Atheists should realize this on the path to truth. To set down all the religious baggage and bigotry takes knowledge and time.  As a group Atheists have the power to change all these ideas if we all stand up. On this path to truth Atheist have to knock down the Religious arguments like these that affect our daily lives down one by one.

Or this premiss, a case for activism.

(quote from another blog post of mine. A plausible thought experiment.)

"Our prime minister in Canada is a Cristian. He does not believe that global warming or air pollution is his problem to deal with. He and others feel that green energy is pointless. He feels no moral obligation to his children's future. So open up the oil sands in Alberta and become the 28th most polluting offender country on earth. Why? He believes Christ is coming back within his or his children's life time. Christ is going to make the earth a paradise for 1000 years just for the believers only. So there is no point saving the future of mankind or any conservation at all. Recycling and conservation is just a silly waist of time. If he decided to do good it makes not one difference. This god is going to come down and fix everything no matter what he does to help destroy the earth.  How can that possibly be perceived as moral? Does this make Christianity by default immoral?" How can we fight these eventual outcomes to doctrine?

   Legalizing pot should be included in this as an irrational Religious prohibition and a disgrace. Hemp could be all the biodiesel we need instead of corn. Which i think is immoral of the west to raise the price of corn for the third world so we can drive our cars. Just because of this boycott of hemp. Corn crops are not the answer to Biodiesel.

  Saudi Arabia holding women in prison that have gotten pregnant without being married for a 10 year sentence with the child in prison. And more. All these immoral things done in the name of religion should be called out as immoral loudly. As a thinking atheist we should all be on the lookout to support causes that point out religion has subverted morality for biblical doctrine. Doctrine, that is forced upon all of us no matter our personal moral code. Even if it's just unintended consequences of this doctrine. Aren't we all Atheist plus?

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Comment by James Kz on December 25, 2012 at 3:42am

Ultimately they are all justified by religion (though pot in the USA was originally prohibited because of bigotry, also justified in religion).

The real issue is the surrender of real morality to a Bronze Age book.



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