I like to compare the Earth and its Environment to a Fish Bowl and its Environment.
Both are contained Environments, Both Environments are affected by the number of
Life Forms in them and Both  Environments are affected by the amount of pollution in

You may say that the Earth is much bigger and, in being so, allows it to handle the
detrimental effects thrust upon it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Earth
can not get rid of the life that is living on it or the damage done to its environment.
The Earth can only hold and/or absorb the detrimental effects.

We are only talking scale.

Here's an experiment;

Put 50 goldfish in a 1 gallon fish bowl. Leave the fish bowl unattended for 1 week.
But, so they don't starve to death, there is an automatic daily feeder for the fish.
After the week is up, check the fish. You'll probably find most, if not all, DEAD.

So...what did they die of, you may ask. It's very obvious once you look at the fish
bowl.........................POLLUTION and OVERCROWDING.

KINDA FUNNY THOUGHT......The fish would have, possibly, lived longer if they
                                             weren't fed on a daily basis because, basically,
                                             pollution was being added on a daily basis.

Now, in comparing the Earth to the fish bowl, you have to scale up. Not only size
but time as well. Basically speaking, what takes 1 week in a fish bowl may take
100 years for the Earth.

Now there's a problem. Since the human life span is, lets say, 80 years. Only the
future generations will have to deal with the problems the humans have caused today.

I'm sure many humans say " If it doesn't affect me now, it's not my problem. ".
( kind of selfish, don'tcha think)

Not My Problem - Not My Job - Not My Fault..........Typical human responses.

You may be thinking that, if "I" have such a problem with whats happening with our
Fish Bowl (Earth) why don't "I" do something about it. "I" will as soon as "I" lift
Mount Everest over "my" head.

"I", as an individual, can not do, hardly, anything.......But maybe "I" can cause humans
to THINK............................Help get the ball rolling, so to speak.

If you really sit and seriously think about the problems of the Earth, the Environment
and the humans, it all boils down to 1 (ONE) thing.................................MONEY!

A question before I close.



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