My way of destroying Religion to make the world better

I have sent this to over 100 Catholic priests hoping they will quit being priests.

What has happened since the major decline of religion in Europe?

Even in Ireland 160 Irish priests died last year but only nine priests were
ordained. Religious decline in Europe has been very dramatic. Our "U.S.
Ambassador James P. Cain found the first church he and his family went to
was chained & padlocked. The next week they tried a different Lutheran
church, where the entire attendance at the service was nine people -- his
family and bodyguards, plus two Danes." Denmark - recently ranked as leading
the world in social progress - is where only 2% attend a church regularly,
as a Washington Post feature says.

What has happened? Well Europe has a rate of only one tenth as many people
in prison as America, so a lot of people Europe don’t have good paying government
jobs guarding, feeding, and providing medical attention to prisoners. They
have a rate of one ninth as many murders, so undertakers and priest are
losing business and money. They have a rate of one eighth as many abortions, so the
abortion clinics have much less business and many have closed. They have a
rate of one forth as many HIV cases so hospitals and doctors aren’t making
as much money.

I think you get the idea; the major decline of religion in Europe has not
harmed Europe it's been a major help. Religion in America is recently in sharp decline so what can we expect? Last year 4,000 churches closed and less than 1,000 new churches
were built. There are things the churches can do to slow the decline and improve morals and that is to teach what they teach in Europe; provided and sponsored by
churches. Learn some of what they teach here 'children here

I have a friend who is an ex Catholic Priest, who is married to an ex Catholic Nun. They are very friendly, happy and nice people to be with and to talk with. If you are thinking of leaving the church do call ex priest Noel Pietters. His wife's name is Carol at 941-505-2106 as he might help you feel better when you stop being a priest.

I do feel you or any man remaining a priest will harm humans morally, finantially and in many other ways. I know you have doubts.

Paul O’Brien

29168 Snook Cir

Punta Gorda Fl 33982


Do send this on to all the priest, monsignors, bishops, cardinals and any other minister you know and please do it soon.

Do watch the Atheist Videos at this sight

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Comment by Krista on January 2, 2009 at 1:09pm
There are typos and spelling errors. If you want to be taken seriously you should fix those.



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