Nancy labels Mercy Ministries cleanout as pruning


After the Mercy Ministries scandal broke in Australia in March of last year:
  • a Mercy home in north Queensland was closed ( due to resourcing issues - funny, seeing the trend for Mercy is expansion)
  • Peter Irvine, Mercy Australia's director stepped down,
  • and a short term director Mark Caldwell stepped up only to depart soon after.
But this is how Nancy viewed it:
As the leader of Mercy Ministries International, I want to deliver some very exciting news to you! However, before I give you our most recent update, I want to personally thank you for all your prayers and support for Mercy Ministries Australia. We have been through a time of pruning so that we can bring forth more fruit, John 15 v 1-2, and now we are entering into a new season of divine alignment with the greatest opportunities before us in the 26 year history of Mercy Ministries. We are experiencing great growth and expansion with the opening of new homes in the U.S. and God has shown me that He is now ready to bring that same expansion to the nation of Australia. [source]
As I understand it, some of the more forthright and outrageous adherents to Restoring the Foundations may have been pruned as well. I wonder how those recently pruned by Mercy feel about being equated with deadwood.

Now, following Mercy this past year I have become very cynical (yes, I know hard to believe). Many of us hoped that Mercy would mend its ways, combine their belief set with some sort of treatment based in reality( you can be outrageously optimistic).

Sadly that didn't happen.

So I didn't hold high hopes for the next director of Mercy Australia, the lieutenant that Nancy would choose to bolster a flailing Mercy Australia. Mercy however, with big cash injections from anonymous donors has refurbished their Sydney home and it appears, is attempting to refurbish its public persona.

They have shock, horror, selected a woman to lead Mercy ministries in Australia...

unfortunately it goes downhill from there.

Coming soon: Mercy Australia's new director ( who loos like my gran)

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