National Atheist Party Announces 4 Scholarships

Rick Santorum recently accused Obama of being a snob for encouraging the youth of America to aim for a college degree. Education is one of the most important areas we can invest in as a society and yet our graduation rates are dropping. Proper investment in Education can lead to an increase in social mobility, a decrease in prejudice, and an increase in industry specialization which we are lacking when compared to other nations.

The National Atheist Party, in a push to encourage the expansion of knowledge and the principles of secular humanism, has created two distinct scholarships: Our Secular Future Scholarship and the Science Steps Forward Scholarship.dents Four awards of $1,000 will be available, one award to a college and and one to high school student for both scholarships. Education should be a high priority for the youth of America. The National Atheist party wants to show its support for those who have aimed their sights on higher education and have been recognized for upholding secular values
The National Atheist Party wants to show its support for education and secular values. Since the National Atheist Party is currently a non-profit organization, it is important to constantly remain invested in the community. The scholarships are all funded from donations and fundraising campaigns. The National Atheist Party is working hard to create a better, brighter future, not just for ourselves but also for posterity. The importance of investing in the enlightenment and encouragement of future generations is becoming more and more evident as an increasing number of young students take an active role in their community, stand up for and spread awareness of secular values and the importance of education.

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