All your Western theologies, the whole mythology of them, are based on the concept of God as a senile delinquent.”

Tennessee Williams


Hey, it’s National Day of Prayer!  What are you atheists doing as your superstitious fellow-countrymen, led by a hypocrite who exemplifies their values in no way whatsoever, declare their obeisance to their Imaginary Friend, and ask him for lots of stuff?

Mel Brooks compared God to a Chinese waiter, feverishly rushing around, overwhelmed by the countless requests he gets.  I could go on and on about how prayer makes no sense, how humans will not make true progress until, in the words of Emile Zola, “the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest.”

“We worship God”

But you all know that.  You also know that many of the Founders were outright atheists.  Your stomach heaves as Orange Julius declares that “the Democrats worship government (ok so far) – but we worship God!”  Never fails to evoke a passionate, animalistic roar.

That this is my country, with its Third World attachment to religion, fills me with shame. I bet other industrialized countries think we’re a bunch of rubes.

So far, the founding ideals have turned out to be too much of a stretch: religion should have no place in public life -- that was assumed, unfortunately not by everyone.  Still, the Founders said nothing about how religion must permeate every aspect of public and political life.  And therefore – cue First Amendment -- the government must be uninvolved with religion in every way, certainly not endorsing it from the Presidential podium.  

Trust in God -- NOT

“In God we trust” is a simple, stupid lie.  If the Founders had stuck with that, we’d all be speaking with British accents (that’s not all bad).

I haven’t seen an exegesis of prayer better than George Carlin’s.  He tried praying to God, but his prayers were answered only 50% of the time.  No point in that.  On a logical, physical basis, George endorsed sun worship: look at all the good things Apollo gives us.  But he doesn’t answer our prayers.

Carlin descends into total absurdity by settling on Joe Peschi, a guy who can get things done.

Don’t these idiots understand that a hundred other cultures and societies are praying to their gods, often for the destruction of us?

The right-hand page

My own shame began when I started reading the right-hand page of the Jewish prayer book (Hebrew on the left).  A small part consists of actually asking God for anything.  It’s mostly humiliating ass-kissing.  And they repeat this, day after day after day… 

C’mon homo sapiens, accent on the second word.  You can do better.

Happy Prayer Day!

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Comment by Joan Denoo on May 7, 2018 at 1:46am

Loren, I like your answer about "killing god" better, it is short, very clear, and stimulates thought. Thanks. 

As to Franklin Graham's statement, "I found the president to be truthful with me, we just have to give the man the benefit of the doubt." 

We have to do no such thing! To do so would be gullible and naive. Graham sounds like a carnival con man selling a bill of goods that are not anything like good!

Comment by Loren Miller on May 6, 2018 at 9:08pm

Regarding Franklin Graham's Astonishing Ungodly Hypocrisy ... well, that's the link.

Comment by Loren Miller on May 6, 2018 at 6:57pm

How do you kill something that never lived to begin with? [sigh] I'd give real money to see some of those children actually grow up ... except that it'd likely be a waste of good cash.

Comment by Joan Denoo on May 6, 2018 at 3:55pm

Loren, in response to Steve Deace: Congressional Freethought Caucus Members Want to “Kill God”

The  Congressional Freethought Caucus members do not want to “kill god,” they want to establish that god existed in the minds of primitive men and women who described what they saw and felt; they interpreted these sensory clues in the best way they could based on the superstitions of early Homo sapiens. There never was a god or gods. To pretend that god exists carries myths to the next generation. It is far past time to face up to the reality that THERE IS NO GOD NOW OR IN THE PAST. THERE ARE SUPERSTITIONS CARRIED FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION. 

Comment by Alan Perlman on May 6, 2018 at 3:38pm

Bertold...Trump is such a religious whore.  He'll say anything to ingratiate himself with these idiots.   Actually, he and the religious right are each other's whores -- he'll make pro-religion noises, while they overlook his religious ignorance and moral repugnance.

Comment by Alan Perlman on May 5, 2018 at 12:22pm

Bertold, thanks for sending.  I'll get to this asap.

Loren, I've heard of the Freethought Caucus.  I hereby volunteer to write their press releases and articles.  Glimmer's better than darkness.  

Joan...I really don't think it's about happier, more productive lives.   I'm pretty sure you could measure the degree of society's religiosity and correlate it with society's Happiness Index.  I'll do the research when I have time. But see today's post.

Comment by Joan Denoo on May 4, 2018 at 11:29pm

National Day of Shame

    Posted by Alan Perlman on May 3, 2018, at 4:00 pm

Yes, Alan, we CAN do better! To where do we turn for guidance on how to live healthier, more productive, happier lives? 

Religion does not hold the answer for developing a mentally healthy, mature, adult woman or man; society fairs no better. Religion’s primary claim of the existence of god results from fictions upon which whole social structures rise. Like a house built on sand, it cannot withstand the pressures imposed upon it.

So, where do we turn? To the same process that medicine turns, or engineering, or chemistry, or astronomy, or space-age technology turns, scientific processes. Are there societies that exhibit healthier, more productive, happier lives? What do they do that produces the desired results? What can we learn from them? Are we willing and able to make changes? 

Comment by Loren Miller on May 4, 2018 at 7:22pm

Well, if you could use a glimmer of light in the midst of all this darkness, then check it out: four House Democrats have established something new: a Freethought Caucus, aimed at listening to and supporting PEOPLE LIKE US!!!

Comment by Alan Perlman on May 4, 2018 at 9:54am

I think we're in denial of the fact that these fucking freaks are already running the country -- Bertold...reluctantly agree.  The inclination to superstition is  hard-wired into the human brain.  It has a 100,000 year head start over reason.  One simple fact says it all: an atheist will ,NEVER hold high office in this country (or any office in any country).

Comment by Loren Miller on May 3, 2018 at 7:07pm

Bertold, I can't imagine that the echo had died on the announcement about the White House faith office than Americans United, the FFRF, American Atheists and the ACLU were already revving up their legal departments in opposition to that obvious contravention of the First Amendment.  Yet one more way Dolt 45 can get his ass kicked (as though there weren't enough already!).



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