National Defense Authorization Act is illegal

Petition: National Defense Authorization Act is illegal (S. 1867)

Why This Is Important

Sec 1031 begins on page 426
Sec 1032 begins on page 428

US CITIZENS CAN SOON BE SENT TO GUANTANAMO WITHOUT ANY CHARGES: Our Federal law makers declared USA as a war zone.  United States SB 1867 would allow the US Military to arrest (kidnap) and detain any US citizens indefinitely,  with just suspicions or allegations of terrorism, without formal charge. Imagine the adverse treatment done to you or your loved one after such a "legal" kidnapping:


"Also revealed in the study of nine GITMO detainees are “unauthorized” acts of detainee abuse– torture– that went above and beyond the “enhanced interrogation techniques” approved by the Bush administration. These include: “severe beatings, often associated with loss of consciousness and/or bone fractures, sexual assault and/or the threat of rape, mock execution, mock disappearance, and near asphyxiation from water or being choked. Other allegations included forcing the detainee’s head into the toilet, being used as a human sponge to wipe the floor, and desecration of the Koran.”

In 2008, The United States Supreme Court restored habeas corpus declared Section 7 of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 unconstitutional, therefore, National Defense Authorization Act (SB 1867) is illegal as habeas corpus guarantees against any detention without formal charge, therefore, must be struck down and rendered VOID.

Thank you.

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Comment by Chris on February 2, 2012 at 8:08pm

If you click on the title it will take you to a petition. It only has 750 signers so far.

This law could effect anyone - - Everyone should sign it. 

Comment by Chris on January 31, 2012 at 11:55pm

I should have posted this as a discussion.

Regarding the signing statement - President Obama can write whatever he wants. Obama himself and future presidents are sure to ignore it. Because of separation of powers, signing statements don't carry any weight. 

The Michigan Militia is going to trial next month. So far it appears that the FBI followed the law when they infiltrated the group and made the arrest. They deserve a fair trial like everyone else.

The Guantanamo Testimonials Project contains some interesting information about the sale of prisoners along with the capture, rendition, torture, and imprisonment of prisoners, guards, and interrogators involved with Gitmo detainees. Many of the prisoners were captured and detained for years simply because of the brand and model of watch they wore. The U.S. lost its credibility to complain to any other country about human rights violations. The Gitmo prison puts Americans overseas in hostile areas at increased risk.

The criminal system is bad enough without the new legislation that gives unfettered powers. As it is 360 Californians are in prison for life for shoplifting. That's criminal! 

Comment by John Camilli on January 31, 2012 at 3:00am

Glad to see some other people spreading the awareness. The passage and signing of this bill turned our country into something much closer to a military dictatorship than a democratic republic. As far as I'm concerned, America's government has become rabbid, and must now either be reigned in or put down. It is no longer my government, as it has declared war on me.


According to this bill, I and many of my friends are terrorists, and we no longer have the rights guaranteed to American citizens. That's what most people don't get about this bill, and why Obama's signed statement was a lie of omission. He may not personally intend to apply the contents of the bill to American citizens, but he will use vague terms like "beligerent" and "associated" to strip us of our citizenship rights, label us "terrorists," and THEN apply it to us. Cuz we're no longer Americans then, see? He may as well have said this bill does not apply to Ionians. Sure it doesn't, cuz there are no more fuckin' Ionians, Doc!

Comment by AgeOfAtheists14 on January 30, 2012 at 6:48am

Criminal investigation

The United States Attorney's Office stated that the Hutaree allegedly planned "to kill an unidentified member of local law enforcement and then attack the law enforcement officers who gather in Michigan for the funeral".[19][20] The press release further stated that nine had been indicted by a federal grand jury in Detroit on charges of seditious conspiracy, attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, teaching the use of explosive materials, and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence. The indictment said that the Hutaree planned to attack law enforcement vehicles during the funeral procession for the officer(s) they planned to kill, using improvised explosive devices of the Explosively formed penetrator variety, thus constituting the formal, Federal statutory definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction.[20]

well; when you or your homies threaten to blow up cops at a funeral; ...
maybe you should mention that in articles about the case too:


why did 'they' not go to gitmo is the question
not to mention GITMO is the 'thorn in the side' of Catholic run Cuba as Catholic Castro put it...

last I checked no Occupy folks have been shot to death; America is a bad ass place and I'd rather live here than any place on Earth.

all bets are off when folks gotta deal with mentally ill ... gangs! ferfxsake..
racist to boot!



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