I'm writing a paper on how conservatism in religion brings penalties in legislation and has a negative impact on society.

I'd LOVE some support from all of you. I know that somebody's going to make a great point that I might have missed.

Rough sketch of supporting ideas:

1. God is not moral by modern standards (Bible primary reference)
2. The penalties that conservative religious values have on society (oppressive psychological bonds that limit reasoning skills, the Catholic Church and the DC same-sex ordeal)
3. The impossibility of fighting "bad" faith with "good" faith (Faith by nature is selfish and subjective, impossibility of making churches agree, the flaws of perceiving a "personal" god and how it leads to broad speculation)

Thanks so much for any news items, psychological studies, or other supporting ideas off of my main points. Please cite whatever information you have or point me in the right direction.

Thanks again!

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Comment by Objection on March 25, 2010 at 11:04pm
Have you watched the BBC documentary, "The Power of Nightmares"?
By creating illusory "enemies of the people", whether it be terrorists or the devil, the founders of American neoconservatism hope to "unite the people" under a common cause, to spark blind patriotism, and to "destroy evil".
In my opinion, they have placed the cross-hairs on the wrong targets. If their goal was to incite the unity of the American, it should be global warming and famine that we could be focusing on. I see progress as being diverted.
Religion and conservative pundits remain in power so long as there is great turmoil in society. So they must produce trouble, and point to scapegoats when the people turn to them.



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