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One of the bills I will file this year may be dismissed as inferior by “intellectuals” so I wanted to devote particular time in discussing it’s merits. It doesn’t address state waste, economic development, workers comp reform or lawsuit reform (although I have filed bills concerning each) but it is nonetheless worthy of consideration. It is an attempt to bring parity to subject matter taught in our public schools, paid for by the taxpayers and driven by a religious ideology. I’m talking about the religion of evolution. Yes, it is a religion.

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Comment by John Camilli on December 23, 2010 at 4:45am

"Y'know, for a moment - when he said "yes, it's a religion," I thought to myself 'Ha! Someone finally gets it, that scientific assertions are only probably, not provable.' But as he went on to cite some reasons for doubting Darwin, the reasons are all idiotic. Of course we havent seen evolution happening in 4K years. That's a fart on the wind to the history of this Earth, or even the history of an individual species. And furthermore, no human has been alive all those 4000 years, so any observations we've recorded has been skewed by our even shorter lifespan, and by the lack of reliability in recording methods (until the last 100 years, with audio and video recording). And even furthermore, we have plenty of examples of traits disappearing or beginning to appear within a sub-species (there are humans with attached earlobes, and some without. There are humans that live longer and those who live shorter. There are people with slow metabolisms and fast ones. All are states of mutation, some of which are surviving well, and others of which are not).

Another issue he bring up is about Darwin purporting that all species evolved from a common ancestor. I can see that there are problems with this assertion, because if one species could arise out of the goo, others would probably spring up too, and evolve on their own if they could compete with existing species. But this does not undermine the overall idea of how life came about and how it has arrived at its diversity. The mechanism is still the same. Favorable traits survive well and reproduce. Whether they came from only one gene pool or hundreds or thousands is irrelevant. That information will only help us fill out the fossil records, but we will still have the same understanding of how life works afterward.

I can't waste any more time on this. This guy is right about only one thing, that intellectuals will dismiss him. Unfortunately, there arent a lot of those working as elected officials, so he'll probably be listened to in the House, if not the Senate. Good God, I hope he doesnt actually get anywhere with passing a bill!




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