Being pressed for time, I cannot write too much on my first entry. However, I will say that I'm tired of feeling oppressed concerning my thoughts and beliefs (or lack thereof) in any deity. Like my friend TheIrishFrog, I was raised in a very religious family, regularly attending church. As time passed on and I began to explore other possibilities for myself, I realized that there are many possible gods to believe in - I set forth on my own adventure to learn about these other possible gods, what they stand for, why people no longer believed in them. Thus, my academic learning career began! In high school I realized that I was a science-bound man, determined to learn as much about geology and earth processes as I could. Entering into college, I eventually took every earth science course offered, attaining my Bachelor's in Geological Sciences. Evolutionary science has done nothing but show me that any creation event is downright silly and obviously non-sensical. Geologic time scales involved are overwhelming: life has been around for millions upon millions of years. There is no denying that.

During the period of my college career, I explored more into my own personal beliefs. In high school I was more of an Agnostic: I believed in some sort of god to an extent, but the nature of that god (be it Judeo-Christian, Egyptian, etc) was unknowable. I ventured forth, reading the Old and New Testaments a multitude of times, along with the Koran. Buddhist, Hindu and other religious texts followed. I came to realize "What makes one more reliable than the others?".

There is nothing that leads me to believe the Judeo-Christian god Yahweh is 'the one' any more than Krishna or Horus. Similarities between the different gods is astounding; the story of Jesus obviously takes from Horus.

In a quick conclusion, I don't simply find Christianity silly (and at the same time appalling if you've ever read the Old Testament), but I find ALL religions silly. I will say that I do enjoy Buddhism the most, even though it's not really a religion, but more of a "end all your suffering" technique on life.

I hope to add more entries soon.

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