Hi all, This is my first post, but be aware that I am in the middle of a marketing frenzy, trying to promote my new book... SO!!

With that in mind, please allow me to submit my latest press release to you, so you can find out a bit more about me, my book, and just what all the fuss is about. I will be sure to come back soon and contribute without $$ dancing around in my head..
all the best..


....and here it is:

New book takes a reasoned look at Religion, God, Evolution and the Debates from a layman's viewpoint

Destined to be included on the shelves of non-believers world-wide, this new offering gives one a 'whole ball
of wax' insight into the controversial debate issues surrounding the
existence of God, the origins of our planet, and of the cosmos.


PRLog (Press Release)
Nov 23, 2010 – As the debates are heating up between those of
religious belief, and those of none, author Ray J. Egan steps in to give
us all a thorough grounding on the relevant issues. While many books
recently have been written of this great controversy, none give a
better, broader perspective on the many facets of the discussion than
his recently-penned project, "Don't Tell Your Momma You're an

This offering is a layman's look into the controversial 'battle' between atheists and theists. Taken from the atheist perspective, this
author touches on a variety of topics that will be as relevant to the
erudite debater as it will be to the person just discovering the
naturally-evolved world around them. While neither a scientist nor a
professional debater, Mr. Egan focuses on making his points consistent,
and with a nod to having his book accessible, giving the casual observer
and serious theologian alike, an interesting read. In this book he
covers such areas as the fossil record, "questions for atheists that
can't be answered", religion in the schools, Evolution, "the Coca Cola
guy" and more. He poses statements from the theistic side that he
counters confidently, and with a little reason and critical-thinking
thrown in for good measure. If you read this book, be prepared to come
away with a better understanding of the issues and, as Ray himself
states, "perhaps a little move up the 'ladder of enlightenment'!

In some ways this book was written in part to come to an understanding of why it really is difficult to admit oneself a
'non-believer' in the present-day. Even more interesting is the task of
displaying that opinion to anyone else. Can you imagine what it might
have been like 500 years ago to admit either non-belief, or a
disinterest in the status-quo religion-of-the-day? To illustrate this, Mr. Egan happens to live in a predominantly Orthodox Jewish area
of Miami Beach, and a few of his acquaintances are quite taken aback by
his atheism. "So, you are saying I come from a monkey?", stated one such
fellow. "Monkeys are still around so how can we come from monkeys?" Ray
says about these comments, "This benign ignorance of evolution and what
it is all about is not isolated, and many lay religious people probably
do not even think about it. However, it is this relative dismissal of
science and a lack of desire to want to know what is true and what is
not, that continues religious practices and traditions."

In doing the leg-work for this book, the author has come a long way in recognizing his own state of non-belief, as there is a rapidly
growing segment of society that realizes that "all we can touch,
taste, smell, see and wonder in awe at can, and does, happen without the
need for a celestial dictator intervening." As organized
religion has had the lion's share of power and influence over the last
2000-plus years, it is only just that those of non-belief be able to
express their more reasoned position on the state of religion today, and
whether we really need it at all in our modern society.

It is not suggested in the least that the author wishes all religion banned from the planet. Indeed, like the recent bank and large
automobile company bailouts, religion is "too big to fail." However, one
main concern of Mr. Egan is the underlying ignorance of the believer;
that they have no clue about the actual history of the bible, or how it
came to be made. All follow like lambs to the slaughter, oblivious to
what it is they are worshipping.

A very powerful statement from Lucius Annaeus Seneca (and this from over 2,000 years ago) reads like this, "Religion is regarded by the
common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful."
Amazing that some people understood exactly what religion was back then.
Amazing still that we have this blind faith in man-made religions some
2,000 years later, following a book that was created for the people of
Bronze-age Middle-east!

Ray J. Egan's second book is coming out in early 2011, and is a rebuttal of a rebuttal of Richard Dawkin's book, "The God Delusion". This book, "The Deluded Atheist", by Douglas Wilson, "tries in vain to produce anything more than a humorous, misguided collection of philosophical and metaphysical counterances to Dawkin's efforts." "I, for one, am glad to have the opportunity to continue this slow-motion debate with him."

# # #

About Ocean Groove Press and Ray Egan:

Ocean Groove Press is a small publishing company started by the author as a way to promote his 2 books, one already on the market and
the other on it's way. Big on targeted emails (with permission), press
releases and local advertising, he is creating a 'buzz' already. His
e-book is currently in 10 different formats, available at the following
main site (but on many others as well);


The paperback, as well as on Amazon.com and other major sites, can be purchased from the author's Amazon.com associated site:


The author anticipates months of promotion to try to get his books off the ground. It is not an easy task, but it is one that Ray is taking
head-on. His e-book has also been added to the new Apple ibookstore in
Australia, and Ray has been aggressively focusing his marketing efforts
in that area over the past few days.

Thanks all for reading.

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