new ep from freethought it for FREE!!

No, this is NOT a real cover, just having alittle fun on myspace. Anyway, I'd like to tell you alittle about my new EP, "Theory of Evolution". These 5 songs demonstrates how progressive my writing and delivery has come, as well as fusing different styles - like going back to freestyle, freeform rap and old school delivery. The production and music arrangements and beats were provide by the passion hi-fi straight out of the UK ( This marks the 3rd time that I have worked with a european-based hip hop producer (NG of Spain on "Diary.... & Hygrade from London on "Modern Humanology"). This EP was recorded and remastered by Francisco at XCyrus recording studios ( in Winter Park (Orlando). The songs? Oh yeah, all 5 are hot! The first track is called NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. It basically is a revamped version of a song I did on the debut album, FREESTYLE RAP FOR PEACE; this is a more updated, smoothed out version. The second song is self-expanatory: it's the new, better version of the A.I.M. theme song (, also previously done - this time, it's 5x doper. ROLLING THUNDER/ SUCKER MCS 2010 is my updated version and an ode to my favorite hip hop song ever, "sucker mcs" by RUN-DMC but in a biographical style. APPRECIATED is my dedication to those who endured in the struggle of being black in america; and finally when I did SUNDAY MORNING SEX, I used personal experiences and was also influenced by DOIN' IT (LL Cool J) and ONE MORE CHANCE (Biggie).
To summarize, if you are havinjg problems downloading the songs/ transferring them to a drive and/or cd, then I can PROVIDE YOU WITH A CUSTOM, DIGITALLY MASTERED COPY (I might need a donation of a few bucks to cover postage though, depending on where you live). But e-mail me and we'll work on it. Peace. And remember: the next full-length LP is due in April (I need a break!) but watch out from some forthcoming singles to hold you over (starting in 3 weeks).

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