Hello, my name is Jonathan Douglas Kreuz and I am new here to Atheist Nexus. Id like to start by asking all of you to give me a chance and to not be decieved by my appearance and take me seriously, I could understand why you would all be quick to disregard a seven-teen year olds opinion, but I assure you that for someone of such a youthful state I am able to speak and hold conversations in a respectful manner with almost anyone, so long as they are not less mature then myself. I have spent countless hours of my life observing the world that surrounds me for all that it is, and I am quick to discuss problems within our society today. Most of a religious influence/contradictious concern, some not. However I believe that that is okay, because being the atheists that we all are, we lack religion therefore other worldly issues of concern should be just as open for discussion as religion is itself. I am a huge Richard Dawkins fan and approve of him fully as the biggest modern representative of the atheist community, his perfesionalism and abilitity to show strength and confidence in the face of religious figures has done alot for us all and we owe our thanks to him(at least in my opinion). I believe I can contribute positively to the majority of topics/discussions that take place on this site, and if I am not aware or do not understand some topic of discussion, I will not butt in where I do not belong. If anything, I may research the topic and once I feel I have learned enough to voice my opinion I will contribute. So that is a short description of myself, I hope that I will be accepted here and look forward to sharing rational thoughts with all of you.

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Comment by John Aultman on June 30, 2013 at 8:27pm

Welcome Jonathan. You will fit in well glad you found us

Comment by The Flying Atheist on June 30, 2013 at 6:00pm

Hey, Jonathan. 

Welcome to the site.  It really doesn't matter what age you are, we all have one thing in common:  the pursuit for truth and rational thinking, and your voice is just as important and welcomed here as all others.  There are lots of very educated and knowledgeable people here and I'm not embarrassed in the least to ask questions about topics or concepts that I don't understand or have never heard about. 

I'll be turning 49 years old in July and I was your age and in high school when I first started questioning the validity of religion, which ultimately led me to the dismissal of an existence of god.  You are quite lucky to come into maturity in a time with stellar outspoken public figures like Richard Dawkins and to have accessible internet communities such as this. 

Again, welcome.  Jump right in and enjoy yourself.  I look forward to your contributions. 




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