New Novel tackles Gay Suicide in Catholic schools! & it is awesome!

Hey folks,

This is going to be more of a review than my usual blogs that are all about me! Canadian writer Suzette Mayr just published a novel called "Monoceros." It explores the impact of a gay teen's suicide on the people in his life - people mostly peripheral to his life. It is extremely well written. In only the first 80 pages I both laughed out loud and cried - a bit problematic since I've mostly been reading it during downtime at work!  The author knows whereof she speaks, her wife has taught in the Catholic School system and one of her students committed suicide. So this book refelects Suzette's experience of supporting her spouse through this very difficult time. It may seem remarkable that a book about gay teen suicide is funny and uplifting but Suzette Mayr is a remarkable writer.

Yeah, I admit it she is also a friend of mine. Here is the link to the publishers page: 

And this is a review in the Calgary Herald:

Her partner, Tonya Callaghan, left teaching and went on to get her Master's Degree - Her thesis has been published under the title "That's So Gay" and examines the experiences of closeted teachers in the Catholic School system. She courageously holds the Catholic Church to account for it's many misdeeds against it's own people. It is of course a more academic read but fascinating none the less. 

I am proud to call both of these amazing women my friends and hope some of you will check out their work. P.S. If you like Vampires you may like Suzette's previous book: Venous Hum. (pre-twilight and so much better!)

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