Wow, Saturday night was a real trip. John Broughton, leader of the New York City Philosophy club and I debated the merits of the God Virus model of religion. It was a lively exchange and the audience was very involved, asking great questions and challenging John and I on a number of fronts. I would have to say it was one of the more fun things I have done lately. John was well prepared and had read The God Virus three times or more. I was impressed with his insights and challenges. The format had two moderators who were well prepared as well. I was the winner, of course! No, actually, the winner of the debate was the group who were very engaged and interested in exploring and understanding the concept of the god virus and its implications for society. The Center for Inquiry with Michael DeDora and The New York Philosophy club lead by John Broughton were the cosponsors for the event. I am not sure, but it looked like 125 attended despite the need for a last minute venue change due to the weather.

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Comment by Donald Ray Broadenaux on May 11, 2009 at 12:50pm
I hope to travel to New York City to meet with some non-religions types to discuss my psi dreams findings in the very near future. Congrats to Darrel Ray on publishing your book and on your book tour visit to the Big Apple (NYC, NY). I'm glad to find your policy about others whom will try to convert others and I will adhere to that policy whole heartedly. Case in point: I became upset with all of the "believers" whom crashed Swingtown's website and all their reasons not to watch summer (2008) last year tv show. I'm grateful for your site. I recently told some friends and a few relatives that I would be very content to live in a small corner of this planet with a roof that does not leaks water and adequate food supply and absence of all
these "believers" and their in your faces with their beliefs systems. I really enjoyed USA Today's
article on 4/06/09 about non-believers now about "61 millions of us in America". Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!



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