New York Times Article about the Texas Board of Education

It scares me to death to hear that Christians support the notion that the separation of church and state is a bad thing.
It scares me to death to hear about the lengths they will go to promote their agenda.

I thought that Christians supported telling the truth. I guess I was wrong. They would rather tell you what their priest says is true, which, if examined closely, would show a strong bias toward Christianity in a manner that does not include the entire truth of any particular topic.

I think that we in this country have a long way to go to reach a point where what is taught in the public schools is as close to bias free as humans can muster.

I think that ignorance is deadly. I think it is ignorant to hide truths about the world we live in just to further a political and/or religious agenda.

Here are a few truths that I dare anyone religious to compare their religion to:

1) Science does not claim to be infallible. In fact, the very structure of science ensures (though not perfectly) that corrections to human knowledge continually be applied where needed.

2) Science does not claim that any one group of people is better than any other group of people. It simply investigates the true nature of people of all kinds.

3) Science regards truth and integrity very highly. It does not support omitting parts of the truth, or replacing parts of the truth with lies, legends, and beliefs.

4) Science, just over the past 100 years, has changed the world dramatically, and, I would argue that the changes have been and are for the benefit for humans.

Can anyone else here add to this list? I am interested to see where this approach will go. I wonder if seeing what Science is about and how it differs from religion instead of brow-beating, ridiculing, or reasoning with the religious would succeed.


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