Greetings again. (I wrote, previewed, and lost my first post! AAARRRGGGHHH!)

Yeah, I'm the newbie on this site.  I got bored with my old blog site, offended a few people, and decided to try a new one. I accidentally came upon Nexus. It was a hassle to join, survey and all, but hopefully, I'll enjoy writing here and meeting fellow atheists.

Being a former science teacher, my background in NOT in English--writing or vocabulary or punctuation correctness. So beware of my simplistic style. I'm not a deep thinker. Nor do I express my shallow thoughts well.

From what I can tell by reading a few posts, this appears to be a forum for writing about atheism (as to be expected). However, I may break the mold. I'm not into "preaching to the choir" (ironic phrase as it is). And, I'm not really interested in reading other opinions about the same subject. It becomes the "same ol', same ol'. 

Plus, I found it tedious to read about the joys and sorrows of personal lives of others (which I was getting on my previous site). So, where does that leave me? Why blog?

Good question (if I do say so myself). For me, it's a diary or journal of sorts. I live alone. Having no one to talk to on a daily basis, this is a way for me to "talk it out" with others, impersonal as it is. My plan is to just write about things, whatever is on my mind (about every other day). If the subject of "religion" comes up, so be it. I do live in a "Bible belt" community and have no atheist friends. This is a good outlet for me, hopefully. Cathartic, right? We'll soon see.

I'll be posting some background information about me in future posts, then go from there.

Until then, adios.

Randy (Solitaire)

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