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Yesterday I emailed to Brother Richard about 700 words concerning the results from the survey, so you all can expect that soon. On the 1st I'll harvest the final data and begin crunching numbers using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). I'll limit my analysis of the quantitative data to frequencies and some cross tabulations, with some more sophisticated manipulation is the data merits. The meatier part of the data is the qualitative bit where I asked people to describe a situation where they had felt a stigmatization. I have gone through these and have found some interesting patterns.....very telling data. So, more to come. Oh, we passed 2500 very early today!

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Comment by Wonderist on December 19, 2008 at 7:01pm
Also, there's a lot of feedback about your survey at Pharyngula.
Comment by Wonderist on December 19, 2008 at 6:28pm
Hi Tom, I had a couple minor issues with the survey:
The word adolescence overlaps with 'Teen years', and leaves a gap between 'I have always known' and puberty. I knew I was atheist at 8 years old. That is neither 'adolescence' nor 'I have always known'. The category of 'Childhood' is missing. Even better would have been to provide specific age ranges for people to choose.
Second, while you said at the beginning of the survey that 'atheist' includes 'non-believer' in the general sense, I still found it difficult to answer the question regarding estimates of 'atheists' in my country, which happens to be Canada. I know that there are probably at least 15-20% who would be non-believers, I still had to answer a lower estimate, because most of these people would not label themselves 'atheist'. I think the questions at that point could have used some disambiguation, such as "people who label themselves atheist", or "people who qualify as non-believers".



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