There, I’ve said it. Outside of a conversation on breast feeding, nipples seem to be off limits for television. Recently, a television show featuring reconstructive surgery featured breast augmentation among other procedures aired on The Learning Channel. Breasts of all shapes, sizes and colors filled the screen, but in every instance the nipple was blurred out like an obscenity. Folks, it’s a nipple! Once upon a time, we stuck them in babies’ faces to feed the child.

Everyone has a pair, including men. Combined with the rest of the skin in that particular area, they are called breasts on women and pectorals on men. However, I am not against the blurring of nipples or entire breasts in certain cases. If you can tuck your breasts into your belt—they should be blurred. Men, if you’ve got man tits—please blur or see a surgeon. If your cleavage extends more than a foot—blur. If your breasts pull down like old window shades, blurring is in order. It’s not the nipple’s fault.

The one-time flap over the Janet Jackson “breast incident” had news and congressional boobs on the front page making political stupidity while the country foundered in uncertainty about unemployment, the economy, government lies about weapons of mass destruction, deaths of US service men and women in Iraq and the cost of being sick in the greatest country on earth, while the media trots out another boob to berate the “breast” incident.

Is the nipple too provoking for public exposure? Does it send otherwise normal people into an uncontrollable sexual frenzy? What is it about female nipples that cause censors to go into an apocalyptic agitation at the mere mention of exposure? If breasts had no nipples would exposing them become passé?

Who cares? During a normal lifetime, people will view at least two nipples unless there was a birth anomaly, which could place the number at one or three. Counting locker room experiences, most women and men will see at least 10 to 20 pair of breasts in their lifetime. In some cases, the number can jump exponentially if the viewer is a stripper or strip club attendee.

Whether they’re called titties, ta-ta’s, bazoombas, jugs or knockers, they are still nothing but mammary glands covered with skin and tipped with a bumpy dispersal unit. I don’t want to seem like a jug head, but it seems to me that blurring out nipples or breasts only increases the desire to see them, which is why the United States is not far removed from its Puritan heritage despite the so-called sexual revolution.

It is far past time for religious fanatics to “get over it.” I took my first sauna in Frankfurt, Germany many years ago at a coed health club. Being a typical American, I was embarrassed to join with other nude men and women it a small wooden room. Nevertheless, I did it.

Once I entered the sauna, all thoughts of embarrassing engorgement disappeared as the heat literally took my breath away. All around me were nipples galore and I didn’t give one shit. All I wanted was to spend my time and get the hell out so I could breathe again. After that, went there regularly but boobs, butts and beaver lost their allure in that environment. I could even set with women, talk and not embarrass myself.

So, I feel it is my responsibility to start a movement to “free the nipple.”

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Comment by Kelvin Hilerio on July 23, 2014 at 7:28pm

Free the nipple!!!!

Comment by Donald R Barbera on July 21, 2014 at 11:11pm

It just doesn't seem worth the effort. Now, there are some things that definitely don't work well for me. A friend to me too lunch at a topless and bottomless bar, restaurant or whatever. Despite my prurient interests, I have to draw the line there. When someone says there's a hair in my soup I'm hoping it is a rabbit. It all depends on the individual. Sitting on a beach in Finale Ligure, Italy, I must say that it takes your breath away to see an 85-year-old man strolling down the beach with his balls leaving tracks in the sand. 

Comment by Freethinker31 on July 21, 2014 at 5:34pm

Very interesting  blog  Donald,    I agree and also feel that Americans  are  such prudes  compared to the Europeans.......If  children  here had  more exposure  to  nudity  there  would  probably be less angst in them during  puberty.......After all we do have nude  beaches  and Europeans  do have  co-ed  saunas......If  we did  become  more  like  Europeans, breastfeeding  in public wouldn't  be  as controversial as it is  today.....IMO......just saying

Comment by Michael Penn on July 21, 2014 at 9:28am

Yep, blurring out nipples or breasts only increses desire to see them. I agree fully.

Personally I liked the Janet Jackson "breast incident" and I tend to favor nipples as big as silver dollars. Just my choice.

I agree with Joan also that just talking about nursing disturbs some people. What did they think the breast was for? I used to hear stories about how some brazen woman was thrown out of a restaurant for nursing her baby. Everyone was shocked that she did that! Often they want to enter race into this type of story for more effect. Who made us so puritanical? Maybe the preachers that are often caught in sexual situations.

Hey, it's only your breast which is also a part of your body. Oh, I forgot. The Bibble says that we have "uncomely parts."

Comment by Daniel W on July 20, 2014 at 10:55pm

Who can explain popular culture, mores, and tastes? 

As for myself, I can barely go shirtless as a patient in the doctor's office.  It's not prudery - I'm far from being a prude.  More, personal modesty or something.  Or bad self image.  I don't know.  I did manage to go naked a few times at Chinese bath houses last fall - entirely nonsexual places, and all-male.  I was concerned because I really didn't want to see my brother-in-law and my partner's nephews naked, but was spared by my very bad vision when not wearing glasses.  That bad vision also kept me from knowing if I was an object of curiosity as the only white man within miles, so I strangely less self conscious than being just shirtless at a public beach.

On a few occasions, I've been subjected to interactions in which a woman was inappropriately showing a LOT of cleavage, and her drawing obvious attention to that, to influence a situation that should not have been up to that influence.  Different women on different occasions.  I can't go into any other details, but I was both very uncomfortable and also thinking, wow, talk about barking up the wrong tree......  no success there!   No nipples were showing at all.  I guess what I am saying is, manipulative seduction can be attempted without showing any of the actual parts.

I don't know about that part of saying a nipple is just an appendage.  So are genitalia.  Not that I have any problem with those, but seeing them at the grocery store, say, would be distracting.  To say the least.  Or in the laundromat.  A public beach might be OK, but then I haven't been to one in decades.  Bare bosoms might also be a distraction while driving, especially in a convertible with the top down, however refreshing the breeze.

I'm always amused when they blur out a bare butt on videos.   I wonder if that's a policy or just prevention of the complaints from coming in.  The christian fanatic group "One million moms" - probably a few dozen moms - got into a huff about a bare candy bar

Just random thoughts.  Like Joan says, it's criminal to persecute or shun breast feeding mothers.

Like I say, just random thoughts. None of it bothers me.

Comment by Donald R Barbera on July 20, 2014 at 9:32pm

Joan--I just don't see the problem. All the hiding and playing like it doesn't exist makes it "forbidden fruit." While attending Catholic school all I wanted to do was have sex because combined with raging hormones and something they couldn't talk about in a mixed group made me sure that I had to have it. On the other hand, I've talked with totally nude women as if we were sitting in a restaurant. It was like when my parents allowed me to smoke cigarettes or have a beer at home all the mystique disappeared. They removed the "taboo" from it and my interest faded. It's one thing to see nudity by itself than to see it up close in a sexual manner (usually one on one). That way we know those body parts will play a role in sexual activity. Otherwise? Nipples, as you said, are like appendages like toes and fingers.

Comment by Joan Denoo on July 20, 2014 at 9:17pm

I'm all for that! In Sweden and in Indonesia, men and women were nude at the public beaches and no one fainted and no child was molested as far as I know. nipples are like ears, fingers or toes, just parts of the body of most Homo sapiens and nothing to be embarrassed about.

I am a strong advocate for mothers to nurse their babies in public. That is far superior than going into a filthy restroom and trying to stay clean while nursing sitting on a toilet. A nice park bench, a mother with her infant nursing is as natural as anything one can do.

Even talking about nursing seems to upset some. Heck, I had a five and a half month old son and newborn twins and I nursed all three, not at once, of course, but they were all raised on mother's milk. I'm proud of it and those who don't want to read about it can kiss the restroom door handle.  

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