No concentration camp unless you choose to join the believers.

Hey, Obama is still potus!
I'm not in a concentration camp run by jesus nor muhammed Inc. made in China built here?
so, let's see, captured or killed, (2 that I know of) fundamentalists militant cults (possible race-driven connections) on Obama admin's watch, CHECK! all that WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.

Next time someone complains about America's current representative in the world;
make them listen to a speech from, pick a fascist fool from the past or dry-drunk present, tie them to the chair; headphones too so you don't hurl.

Some forget or never learn who's ass was handed to them in WWII; who was Roman Cath/white supremist etc.. Who's propaganda is attempting to break the secular roots of this nation?
time to call the liars out from their fragmented smokescreen parties... Manipulating, treasonous and sadistic malcontents! Life is too short for any ignorance.


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