Exactly what's with xtians not believing global warming is taking place? I have heard this from a few over the last few years and saw one woman on television that would not hear of such a thing, her lord and savior is completely in control of this planet (I'm still laughing at that one) but really now, am I missing something here?

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Comment by Daniel W on July 19, 2009 at 11:24am
What I have heard is that they want to bring the apocalypse sooner, so anything that destroys the earth means a shorter wait to heaven. Somehow ties in with Revelations. Plus, they have the message that god gave man dominion over the earth, and the earth is there to feed us until the 2nd coming. The idea that we need to nurture the earth means we dont really beleive there will be a second coming.
Really, these christians are sick, selfish hedonists, who want to take everything for their pleasure now, and fuck the future. This is not love, it's greed.


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