I have friends in the military. Who the fuck doesn't? A lot of us on the left side of things tend to bash the military, but these verbal lashings aren't directed at the individual soldier, marine, sailor or what-have-you, they're directed at those who command the military to do shitty things. My best friend is in the Marine Corps and serving his second tour in Iraq. I may disagree with him being there or the task he's been handed, but I don't take the attitude of "Fuck you, Matt. YOU joined the Marines, hence you're just a tool of oppression, you evil son of a bitch!" Sure, you could hold each member accountable and say "After all, YOU chose to join." But, we all know that fallacious arguments like that hold no water. You grow up in certain places, you graduate high school, you join the military. It happens. Especially if, for generations, this has been the case. It's simply unfair to attack troops in such a blanket fashion.

That being said, just like in any community or social class, there are undesirable aspects. Anyone who revels in the mass extinguishing of human life is scum. Period. Classifying an entire people as "the enemy" is a deadly mass-stereotype, pretending the insurgency is terror-motivated (although, sometimes it is) is a fact-ignoring mistake (we invaded their country) and, worst of all, the recent stories of religious proselytizing in Afghanistan, perpetuating the illusion of a "Judeo-Christian vs. Muslim" war mentality is a violation of the Constitution and serves to fuel radicals on both sides.

It's bullshit and it needs to stop. If there are religious right fuckchops over there, attempting to turn this into a holy war (which, for all intents and purposes, it may already be behind-the-scenes), they need to be kicked the fuck back to the States and prosecuted for violation of military code and taking a shit on the Constitution.

I'm cool with the military. When someone eventually gets pissed off enough at us to attempt an invasion, I'll be glad to have a shitload of awesome weapons to repel them. But, ideology has no place in that arsenal.


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Comment by Gecko, Seth...brother of Richie! on June 22, 2009 at 12:09am
But, ideology has no place in that arsenal.

True, not when carrying out the orders of civilian authority, which is what we do.

You grow up in certain places, you graduate high school, you join the military.

Generally not found in the Marines. Most join for reasons having nothing to do with collage money or no where else to go. Contrary to popular "old" liberal opinion the service is not full of ignorant poor kids with no hope.

I disagree with the invasion of Iraq, on top of that it was horribly carried out by Don Rumsfeld and crew. NO ONE in the Bush Admin. had real battle experience except Gen. Powell and he is the one they didn't listen too.
I appreciate what you say about not "blaming the troops" but I have to ask why bring it up here, there are many Atheist military on this site, and no one as yet as criticized us for being in the military.
O the "their country " thing. Most insurgent come from outside Iraq. Very few Iraqis consider themselves Iraqis. Remember the country didn't exist until the British created it.
Other wise glad your on our side.



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