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You know I find it irritating that moral crusader's can get all upset and panicked about filtering and protecting the children (and adults) from child p-rn (which by all accounts is not the greatest threat to their safety on line) yet we have a very real case of abuse against women by a fundamentalist sect and nobody does a god damned thing about it.

No, it's left to the "consumers" of the service to fight for their own rights, to fight for their dignity.

Ruth Pollard from the Sydney Morning Herald has written another timely piece about "Murky" Mercy Ministries. Here are some highlights from her article:
Multiple government agencies and investigating bodies are aware of its activities and yet 10 months after the Herald revealed that Mercy Ministries' staff and volunteers were performing exorcisms on mentally ill young women to drive the demons out, not one of those agencies has found a way to hold this fundamentalist Christian group to account.
Social security-funded exorcisms. That's your taxpayer dollars at work, folks. Yet no one, beyond the brave young women who spoke out about the abuse, has done anything to stop it.
Mercy's tactic has been to ride out the allegations, to file off the serial number of the Restoring the Foundations program†, pump out a positive message and present one face to the outside world while displaying their contempt for government agency and the medical profession privately (not privately enough that you can't watch Nancy Alcorn spew her anti establishment rubbish on television). Nancy and Tom Cruz would get on well if well Nancy was a little younger and not a repressed lesbian‡.

If their was a muslim facility exorcising women with mental health issues their would be a furore, but no. Mercy takes ample advantage of the remnants of white christian privilege in Australia.

Want to read more about Mercy?

Check out the Category under Bad Religion (if you have a day or two to spare).

† I find it odd that they recenty changed their program after using Foundations for so long. They get caught out with a dubious program that has been accepted and hey presto in under six months they are using their own.

‡ Nancy denies these claims of homosexuality by an ex- live in maid.

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