No Nathaniel, no
There must be more to life
There has to be a way
That we can restore to life
The love we used to know...


Some of you may be familiar with the story of the War of The Worlds. I happen to be listening to Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of The Worlds

I'm up to The Spirit of Man on the second Disc. (I have owned the discs for many years, having been introduced to the recordings by a relative, and having been absolutely blown away by the incredible musicianship contained therein).

For those that don't know, the situation is that Martians have come to earth and are systematically exterminating humankind. In this particular scene, three of the main characters are trapped in a basement with no realistic prospect but a horrible death. The Parson, Nathaniel, delusional, thinks the Martians are Devils.

As I'm listening, I'm realising the weakness of the old arguments ("Listen, do you hear them drawing near / in their search for the 'Sinners' / Feeding on the power of our fear / and the evil within us").

Now, in 'peace time' it sounds ridiculous, and frankly, I think it would still sound ludicrous were such a thing as is happening in the scene really happening.

I think there is some truth the the second part of the above quote ("Feeding on... / ...evil within us"). But not with regard to Devils or Martians, for neither exists (I do not by the way dismiss the possibility of alien species somewhere in the universe - indeed, I think it quite likely. But they aren't on Mars. :p). No, I speak of the very religion the Parson represents - Christianity.

The concept of Hell that it throws in our faces, something which I know completely reject, as with all the religious overtones in the Bible, though I still have a particular fondness for much of Ecclesiastes.

When fear is threatened, it tries to attack. "I said exorcise the devil / but no, they wouldn't listen"). I never quite bought into the whole idea of exorcism, though I have experienced the AOG's stupid Deliverance.

"Fear? Fear? Anyone for fear?" Self-doubt?"

Um, I do believe the best way of confronting fear is to do just that - confront it. To stand in its very face, realise you have survived, and that the fear was nonsensical (there are, of course logical fears; Nobody would chide you for being afraid of sharks - if one comes for you, that fear results in an adrenalin rush which may just save your life). I never convulsed, or went crazy or anything like that. I had one "vision", once, but given how closely it related to a verse I'd read earlier in the week, was certainly my mind playing silly buggers.

Now it's not surprising that somebody of the religious inclination would retreat to their religious arguments; I know that until a few months ago, I certainly would have. Although they are still rising up to try and drag me back into the world of Christianity, like a horrendous drug. I knew this would happen however, and I'll get past that.

As much as I used to be for God, I now deny his existence.

If this blog is against the spirit (sorry for the choice of word there!) of this place, do not hesitate to delete it.

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Comment by Cameron Stevens on August 20, 2009 at 8:08pm
Yeah, it's been on CD for quite some time... I got it years ago. It can be hard to find, but it's out there. I was lucky; I found it in a discount box in a mainstream music store (every now and then, there's actually something decent in those things!). You'd probably be able to track it down online, I'm sure.



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