I am just sitting here on my day off. 
On Facebook, I have been getting slightly argumentative with one or two people, including a cousin, but mostly about Politics, and I'd really not like to get into that stuff here. Suffice it to say, that the cousin is very much pro-Trump, and likes to troll the very left-leaning and pro-gay, anti-gun posts on my wall. He is now accusing me of being 'hateful' towards Christianity. 
I have been trying to get some reading done lately. I've read one or two of Hitchens books ('No One to Lie To' and 'The Trial of Henry Kissinger') as well as a number of his essays. I also read 'Why Orwell Matters.' I've recently read two of Noam Chomsky's latest books. My current read is actually a re-read; John W. Loftus' The Christian Delusion. I don't really remember having read it before, but I have all sorts of highlights and notes in it, so I must have done. 
At work, I have gotten a sort of promotion, moving from the Dress Furnishings section to Men's Suits. It will be a bit slow for the next few months, I expect, but come fall and winter I will be making a bit more than I have been making, because of the (draw plus) commission I will be receiving. In the Spring, I Musically directed one High School musical and played in the pit for a second, so I had a little extra money for a bit, which was nice. But now things will be kind of tight for a while. 
Luckily, I managed to purchase all the wedding gifts I will need for the summer. 

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