I talked to my boyfriend Scott's mother this morning. She had seen me on facebook and called later on when I told her we'd be home, but Scott was not up yet so I chatted with her for a while.

Scott's parents are deeply christian but they are a type of christian I find mostly tolerable. While their deity and church activities are a focal point in their lives, they don't actively push their beliefs on other people. When his mom or dad talks about god or church or praying or whatever, they talk about it purely in the context of what they themselves are doing, not what other people ought to do.

But it makes me extremely uncomfortable when they ask about my mom and tell me they're praying for her or tell me "it's in god's hands" when I tell them that the cancer has spread further or that she is losing her hair and can't hardly talk and is on oxygen all the time. I have to bite back harsh, angry comments every time.

The thing that is actually irritating me the most is that on Facebook it explicitly states I'm an atheist. Most of my posts are to atheist discussion groups and I participate in things like A week and draw mohammed day. I write notes along similar lines. I know Scott's mom must have at least seen this stuff...so at times, I feel a bit like I'm being deliberately provoked!

I find myself irritated because while I will listen and comment noncommitally to reports of churchy activities, eg. "oh that sounds like it was fun for you. :)" I know I would be thought of as terribly rude to bring up things like Progressive Supranuclear Palsy as evidence that the forces of the universe don't give a shit about our health or happiness.

My mom's cancer isn't in god's hands or anyone's hands. It is what it is. The same goes with parkinson's, ALS, PSP, schizophrenia and alzheimer's.


HAha! This post was just interrupted by some proselytizers coming to my door dressed in a bear suit trying to entice little kids coming to sunday school. I was like, "NO! No! And you people need to stop coming over here. Put us on your "do not visit" list and go away." They proceeded to go to a few more houses and then I shouted at them that they needed to get their van out of our parking lot because they DO NOT LIVE HERE and the parking lot is for RESIDENTS! Rawr.

My agnostic roommate says that's bad juju. I told him to keep his woo off of me.


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Comment by Gary Huckleberry on June 6, 2010 at 7:31am
Assure Scott's parents that if you have son you won't have him killed to prove a point, like god did, because you are far more moral than that. You don't believe needless killing is a good thing. Assure them that you don't even appreciate being worshiped (like some gods do), so you won't be encouraging your children to worship Scott and yourself. Tell them you don't even believe in manipulation. Then ask them politely if they feel you are wrong in these beliefs.



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