First let me say that, when I refer to fossils I mean all species of animal, reptile, bird,
insect and arachnid fossilized remains found.

I have read that, as of 2010, the number of species living today are;

Mammals ..... = 5,490 .......X 2......... = 10,980
Birds............. = 9,998 .......X 2......... = 19,996
Reptiles........ = 9,084 ........X 2......... = 18,168
Insects... = 1,000,000 ........X 2.... = 2,000,000
Arachnids.. = 102,248 .......X 2........= 204,496
                  1,126,820 species           2,253,640 individual creatures on board the ark.

Okay....we have a fair idea of the number of species living today. Now, to save
tons of calculations, lets say that no matter the species size it can survive in 1/6 cubic
foot living space.As you can see I'm giving noah's ark a large benefit of the doubt. Because
an Elephant, even a baby elephant, is bigger than 1/6 cubic foot. Many times bigger.
A 1/6 cubic foot living space is about the size of a large grapefruit

Once again I'll give noah's ark a large benefit of the doubt and say the ark was shaped
like a rectangular box which gives the ark more volume than being boat shaped.

It's said the ark was 450 ft long, 75 ft wide and 45 ft tall. This equals 1,518,750 cubic ft.

6 X 1,518,750 = 9,112,500 1/6 cubic foot living spaces. This should sound kinda
good to a theist because 9,112,500 1/6 cubic foot living spaces  and only 2,253,640
individual creatures gives you a lot of room left.

Sorry, but we now get into the extinct creatures. It is said, in many places, that 99.9%
of all species, that ever existed, are now extinct (these were on the ark too).

Disregard \/
Once again we have to do some juggling because of the fossils found. There were
many more large creatures, that are extinct, than we have today.

With the larger creatures we must increase the size of the creatures living space by 3.
I will increase the size to 1/2 cubic foot (about the size of a shoe box). Just as an
example, a dragonfly that lived long ago had a 2 foot wing span. You'd be hard
pressed to put him in a shoe box.

With this we need to multiply 1,518,750 cubic feet by 2 which equals  3,037,500  1/2
cubic foot living spaces. Hmmmmm.... getting close to the spaces needed for our
present day creatures and I haven't figured in the extinct creatures yet.

Disregard /\

UPDATE 10/4/11......I just realized that I should not have increased the size of the
                                  living spaces to 1/2 cubic foot. I'll leave it at 1/6 cubic foot.

As said earlier, 99.9% of all the creatures that lived are now extinct. I'll again give
noah the benefit of the doubt and say that 75% are extinct

That means that 3 times as many creatures have lived and became extinct than what we
have today.

On to the calculating;

The species living today times 2 equals(m/f).................2,253,640     (/2=) (25%)
The extinct species equals 3 times 2,253,640 equals....6,760,920     (/2=) (75%)
Total on the ark..........................................................9,014,560     (/2=) (100%)

Okay, lets compare the numbers.

9,014,560 creatures and 9,112,500 (1/6 cubic foot) living spaces. Hmmmm

9,112,500 - 9,014,560 = 97,940 (1/6 cubic foot) living spaces left.
Now lets find the cubic feet left..........97,940/6 = 16,323 cubic feet.
16,323 cubic feet is about the size of a 25 foot square box.

Then we have to figure in noah, his family, food (creatures and human) for, about 1 year.

"Houston, we have a problem"

I know most of these sizes and numbers I have used are funny but I just want you
to start thinking about size, volume and how much can you put into something with
a set volume.


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Comment by Larry Smith on July 6, 2012 at 2:39am

Katalyzt.......ROFLOL.....So True.....So True

Comment by katalyzt on June 29, 2012 at 9:41am

The methane gas alone should have either killed everything aboard as there was only one window or at the very least it should have blown the ark into a billion pieces when anyone of noah's family lit a torch to see at night. ;O)


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