Nominate Jessica Ahlquist - White House Citizen's Medal

Okay, here's a chance to do some good. P.Z. Myers (and, J.T. Eberhard) have links up for this, let's give what little extra push we can from here. Put a link to this on Facebook, Tweet it, tell your friends, call the neighbors, wake the kids...


The White House is accepting nominations for the Citizen’s Medal.


Here's the plan:


Nominee's name: Jessica Ahlquist

Nominee's city: Cranston

Nominee's state: Rhode Island

Nominee's approximate age: 17

Was this nominee’s service performed outside of his or her regular job: Yes


The next two fields are important, below is just a sample from J.T.'s comments section:


Explain why your nominee should receive the Citizens Medal based on the criteria outlined here:

Ms. Ahlquist stood up and defended the Constitution of the United States against nearly her entire community. In the face of hate and even threats of bodily harm, she stayed strong, exhibiting the strength of character and fortitude of spirit that has made this country strong.

Describe the impact that your nominee’s service has had on individuals and/or communities:

Ms. Ahlquist has shown us all that, no matter our age or background, we can protect the freedoms that are afforded everyone. She also showed that strength of conviction in the face of adversity and hate is something that we are all capable of, and something to which we should all aspire.


Click here for a full explanation of the nomination criteria.


This brave young lady went to bat for YOU as a secular American and an atheist. She knew what she was getting into, knew the risks, and did it anyway.


Please help us send a message...



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Comment by Pat on April 19, 2012 at 7:30am

Here's my nomination statement.

Explain why your nominee should receive the Citizens Medal...

Ms. Ahlquist defended the Constitutional principle of freedom of religion in the face of backlash from her community, mean spirited and derogatory comments from state legislators that were intentionally designed to incite hatred against her, and threats to her life. This brave young lady defended the Constitution, for all of us, in spite of the fact that those sworn to defend it in her community, aligned themselves against her and American values. The courage and promotion of American principles exhibited by this brave young girl have taught all of us a valuable lesson on the meaning of citizenship. 

Describe the impact that your nominee’s service...

Her effort in standing up for a long cherished principle of freedom in this country, against those in power who wish to take that very freedom away, proves that individuals with courage and determination can make a difference in protecting those rights guaranteed to all Americans.

While I'm sure others can come up with better statements, anyone who wants to copy any or all of the above, please feel free.

Comment by Sandi on April 19, 2012 at 6:39am

Thanks for the links Richard.

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