Decided to share some of the vastness of haiku's i've written:) more to come i'm sure- and please remember that i personally wrote these so reposting is ok as long as you ask & give props:)

small. medium. large
no room for X-X-X-L
endless cycles shine

penguin looks at me
provides me the fire i need
pink is my color

voices in my head
most just sound like me inside
my eyes dilated

mistakes in the past
shine through every now and then
think. what have you done

heatherlee is me
so very tired but me
i harbor to much.

counting syllables
at two am in the morn
what would my shrink say

two twenty a.m
normality in haiku's
my brain moves to fast

keeping up with this
haikus are my only friend
maybe now i'll sleep.

two twenty a.m
dresden dolls ring in my ears
i am so tired

thinking about stuff
stuff that means nothing to me
thoughts-an endless sea

why do i write these
i should be sound
my brain keeps going

lying there in bed
a thousand thoughts a second
the noise never ends

its so loud in here
all these thoughts keep me awake
so many to count

whats up with haikus
why can't i stop writing them
i should be asleep

days- migrane has me
blinding-pounding-kill me now
will this ever end

i can barely type
the room is so bright it hurts
the pills fail to work

blinded by the pain
days on end-this pain must stop
back to bed i go.

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