Note To Self: Giving Christian Street Preachers Fake Money Bible Tracts Makes Them Mad

I found a fake bill Bible tract last summer and blogged about it.  I had it on hand and figured a Christian preacher would appreciate it.  

Here's the calculus that unfolded in my mind.  I figured I didn't need the bill any more and this guy was preaching to people on the street.  No good for me.  Maybe good for him.  So I gave it to him - well I tried.

He took a look at it and at first demanded to know what it was.  I responded it was a 1 million dollar bill.  To which he incredulously asked whether it was real or not.  To which I guffawed "no!"

Read it on my blog: Millionaire No More!

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Comment by Loren Miller on April 14, 2012 at 6:48am

There is an OLD story I remember from third grade.  It tells the tale of two men on a work crew, one who did the work, the other who grunted and groaned for each of the actions the one actually performing the labor did.  The grunt-and-groaner was incensed at the end of the day that he hadn't been paid for his efforts and the case was brought before the local magistrate.

The magistrate's answer was simple: he took the coins to be paid to the laborer and dropped them, one at a time, into a brass plate, each one making a clear and distinct clinking sound.  He pronounced that as the second man's contribution to the work effort was in sound, that he was paid in sound, and since the first man's work was substantial, his payment was equally substantial.

If there was anything of substance in any bible-thumper's words, they might be worthy of payment.  As things are, their words are no more valuable than the million dollar bill I once saw circulating the internet, one that looked something like the following:

Comment by Godless Poutine on April 14, 2012 at 6:09am

Thanks for your comments!

Yes, he seemed to actually think it was real at first.  It doesn't say much for him.

I missed saying on that post that Living Waters actually got raided by the government and were embroiled in a lawsuit for awhile.  It was because someone tried to deposit their bill into a bank machine.

Comment by Russell Pangborn on April 11, 2012 at 5:45pm

Hope that guy doesn't use that bill at Walmart. Man Tries to Pay For Walmart Purchase

Good thing you told him it was not real right away.  They mention about a fraud bill in a Salvation Army Kettle and although we all should know the bill is a fake they were holding the Walmart guy in jail with a 17,500 bond.  

I wonder which bill is worth more - the fake Canadian one million bill or the fake US one million.



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