I have had, over the years, some pretty huge challenges to overcome. I would pray, do good things, take care of other people, obey god's word as preached and taught at church, and pray some more. Nothing changed as far as my challenges were concerned. 

Does god make himself known to human beings through revelation and miracles? I don't know! I have never seen or experienced a revelation or a miracle. 

Does god make himself known through nature and reason? I could give a qualified answer to that. If god sparked the Big Bang and began the evolutionary process going, then I could say yes. That would also include knowing the age of the Earth being 4.54 billion years old and it seems safe to estimate that the age of the Universe is at least 15 billion years old. These ages may change as technology offers more opportunities to make better calculations. 

Does god God interfere in the day-to-day workings of a person's life? Does he stop the hurricanes or tornadoes? Or prevent a pandemics from reaching around the globe? Does god stop extinctions, or for that matter, did god create each and every piece of flora and fauna known to man and those not yet discovered? 

Does god concern himself with humans and our affairs? Does he replace fingers and toes or prevent cancer or heart disease? Does he provide each child born with a healthy body and mind? Does he prevent or treat mental illness? 

Prayer requests come frequently on social networks. Does god prevent cancer, or heart disease or polio, or measles, or Ebola? 

Muslims pray five times a day. I don't know how often Jews pray during the day. The christian imperative is to pray and god will, with undoubtedly the most dramatic and unreasonable claims about the efficacy of prayer, answer prayers. 

Does prayer work? 

It wasn't until I put my mind and action into focus and figured out what I needed to do and in what order that I got healthy results . 

Is it true that nothing fails like prayer? Let's go on a search. 

In order to be healthy and have healthy relationships there are some necessary things. They include:

1. seeing what is happening, not what one thinks is happening. A realistic assessment of a problem is the first step in building a healthy solution for personally life and for relationships.  

2. working for common goals that are defined in clear, concrete, measurable detail. To be able to set preferred goals one must be able and willing to negotiation and compromise.

3. exploring options by gaining information about the probabilities of what will happen if nothing is done and finding options that will increase the possibilities of what can happen if something is done. This requires open and honest communication. Whether personally or in relationships or in the work environment, each person needs to have a say, and have a safe place to express oneself and have an atmosphere of empathy and care for other’s opinions. 

4. developing action plans that utilizes all that has been learned. This requires developing plans for time, money, resources, and information sharing.

5. identifying what success would look like. How would a preferred life or relationship or partnership or business look if the action plan worked? What changes need to be made? If the plan works, have a BIG celebration. 

Prayers to a god lack all these elements. Asking for solutions instead of working for solutions results in a difference in outcomes. 

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Comment by Black Jack on October 13, 2014 at 1:38pm

praying is making easier the life for flocks of sheep.

Comment by Michael Penn on October 13, 2014 at 10:07am

I never said that you took the position that "god did it" and I'm not assuming a counter argument for you or what you said. My term "some idiots" is not directed at you either. My remarks come out of what you said only in so much as many others take them much farther. It is these others that claim "god did it" (or goddidit) and put words in the mouth of science and Einstein as well.

The only thing that you said which stirred me to comment was "and maybe god does exist. Einstein wasn't opposed to the idea."   :)

Comment by Michael Penn on October 13, 2014 at 8:52am

I'm not so sure that Einstein wasn't opposed to the idea of a god existing. The facts are that some of his calculations left things open for a cause that he could not find. He didn't believe in a personal god, but he knew that "goddidit" was not the answer. Some idiots today use the above to say that science has proven god does exist. That information would of had Einstein screaming.

As for prayer, why pray? It's all in god's plan. Do you think god is going to change his plan just for you? Who do you think you are anyway?



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