Nutty Nalliah to Exorcise Canberra's Demons

Former Family First candidate and loose canon Christian – Danny Nalliah has decided that Canberra needs cleansing from the Forces of Darkness.

Mr Nalliah received a certain amount of infamy, public scorn and ridicule when he claimed that he had received a vision of the Victorian Bushfires and that they were the result of God’s wrath on a sinful populace(see previous post here).

Now according Mr Nalliah:

… dark forces are casting spells on Federal Parliament. …

The type of altar discovered on Mount Ainslie pointed to a black mass and the work of dark forces wanting to cast spells on Australia and federal parliament…

… These days people don't think the devil is real, but we have seen the bad effects of the spiritual being known as Satan and we believe there is a spiritual fight over the nation of Australia being fought in the heavens…


Evidence of Satan’s influence is according to Nalliah to be found in the number of politicians with Marriage problems. Nalliah and 100 followers plan to hold a service at Mount Ainslie to launch a prayer offensive against Lucifer and his minions.

Lunatic fringe?

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