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I don't trumpet the fact due to the fact that still too many people do business based on their belief system, but if Atheists could get me going further along in real estate I'd be proud to declare myself a secular broker.

I have houses listed that are selling for half the assessed value. There are houses right in Seattle for less than $200K. With record low interest rates, and record low housing prices, there isn't a better time to buy.

You can get a 2nd or 3rd house based on the equity in your own home and have investment property without a down payment! The rates are so low on mortgages that the rental income can pay for both mortgages and then some.

I need two more closings/AKA sales, and I want to work with secular freethinkers!

http://northwesthud.com is our HUD homes site.
http://nwreg.us is my website and blog.

If you've worked for two straight years, and have lived in the same apartment, you might be able to get a house right away!

Indications are that the market is starting to bottom out. From here, things start to pick up, and the first thing that will happen is the sale prices will start to head upwards. The interest will rise shortly afterwards. You won't see opportunities like this again for probably 30 years or more.


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Comment by Demopoly on January 1, 2011 at 2:34pm
HUD houses are selling out, so the lower-priced deals are fading just as the market is showing signs of recovery. Interest rates have risen, and homes have seen some increases in value and in new housing starts. The bottom has been hit, I think it's safe to say, and I'd advise buying ASAP. Prices probably can't get lower and seem likely to be rising, and rates are definitely rising.



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