Here in the Pacific Northwest we have been blanketed with snow for the past few days.  Because we do not have the infrastructure to deal with said snow, we all tuck in and stay home.  Thus, we had several days with my two girls (ages 12 and 15) to enjoy board games, creative projects, and you guessed it…viewing the Nye vs. Ham debate.  I would not have opted to sit through all two hours and forty five minutes if not for the fact that we were snowed in.  

Having been indoctrinated in childhood, I am very familiar with the young earth creationist point of view, and I am embarrassed to say that I actually wrote a position paper on creationism in high school (20 years ago…).  If any reader has not read my previous post "The Four Atheists", let me sum up by saying that my stepdaughter has never been exposed to religious belief, and my teenage daughter was indoctrinated for about 6 years before I came to my senses.  Neither had ever been exposed to hard-core young earth creationist info.  Both had been exposed to Bill Nye as "The Science Guy."

We had to take "breaks" because of how ridiculous Ken Ham's position statements were, and cheered at Bill Nye's responses.  We paused often and I quizzed them about which logical fallacies were being used.  We discussed why many in the secular community did not approve of Bill Nye participating in this debate, and all shared our opinions.  It was beautiful.

This morning, my talented daughter drew the following picture featuring some popular memes, and I had to share it with all…enjoy!

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Comment by Randall Smith on February 11, 2014 at 7:51am

Very talented, indeed! Cheers for Bill Nye!



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