As a nurse I'm supposed to treat the people and not judge them, right? Sometimes I have trouble holding to that. When there's a mother who did a bunch of drugs and fucked up her baby who is now in the NICU and about to be discharged as a ward of the state ... and this is the third kid ... how can I not? I am not saying I wouldn't treat them but I am not going to not judge them even if my profession forbids voicing my opinion.

There are some things that are just freaking wrong. I'm not so much judging the person as what that person did. Giving birth to three drugged out kids and giving them up to the state is wrong and it is wrong for objective reasons no matter what culture you were brought up in, no matter where you live, what you believe, or how you were's wrong, whether you think so or not. Morality can be objective, and I saw that today in a very concrete way.

In the above situation, the mother is morally culpable because she is harming not just herself and her child; she is also hurting the people who have to care for her and that child and deal with that emotional impact; she is hurting people she will never meet and will probably not even know of her or her baby's existence by using up state funds for her repeated fuck-ups. The worst is that she has made the choice to not only get pregnant but to carry it to term and harm it with drugs in utero. I want to ask her...if you were planning on ruining a potential life anyway why not just have it aborted rather than make it suffer?

Of course, I doubt a drug addled cunt could get an abortion even if she wanted one. State funds won't pay for it. We can't force her to get sterilized either. I wonder if state funds would pay for a procedure to tie her tubes if she wanted it? Probably not. So while perfectly good potential parents struggle with fertility, horrible sack-of-shit human beings like this bitch are popping them out one after the other. This goes back to harming medical staff - can you imagine being a nurse or doctor who struggled with fertility while this douchenozzle drops babies like she's some kind of rodent?

Minimize actual and potential harm, maximize actual and potential good. The mother has failed to minimize harm to herself, her baby, the staff and society. She has failed to maximize anything good in this world. People like that should be put in jail. I don't understand why they aren't. They are essentially robbing the state with every new drug baby.

If it were up to me, on planet Tak people like her would have the option of being sterilized or serving a year in jail after the first time. Keeping her in jail for a year would probably not be half as expensive as the extensive medical treatments required to help her infant for the first year. If she served the year in jail and did it again she would be given the option of being sterilized or serving the rest of her menstruating life in prison.

Maybe planet Tak is too draconian. That's probably why I'm the only one who lives there. Oh well. I know I'm right ... and if it turns out I'm wrong I hope someone points it out to me so I can revise my opinion. I'm just super mad right now.


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