Obscene Billboards: Think About The Children!

I subscribe to the American Family Association’s “Action Alerts.” Why? I ask myself that question every time I one hits my email inbox stinking of fallacious arguments and oozing with Fundamentalist idiocy.

In the spirit of “know thine enemy” I open these epistles of evangelicalism and bask in their unapologetic polemics.

I got this one today, and I have to make this disclaimer before I go any farther. I work in advertising. I do lots of freelance design for a local adult novelty and video store chain. I’ve experience first hand
the great effort on the part of designers, business owners and sign
companies to take into account the standards of the community, while
still providing a necessary service to these businesses.

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Comment by The Big Blue Frog on October 17, 2010 at 11:14am
The one pictured isn't my work, but I have posted images of the billboards I've designed before on my blog.

My wife and I drove south to Tampa, FL earlier this year, and we were much more disturbed by the abortion billboards than we were he strip club signs.
Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on October 16, 2010 at 7:50am
I enjoyed your blog. Is the ad featured your work? Funny the only billboards that I have had a hard time explaining or tried to divert my children's eyes from are all religious or anti abortion. I can think of several billboards for churches which feature Jesus opening his chest and exposing his heart. I don't care much for any anti abortion ads which show fetuses or even just a blanked out child. Then you have to explain to your daughter why the blocked out child is always a girl.

I find these billboards more upsetting and much less tasteful than your harmless ad. I can tell you right now, unless it is an amusement park ad or prominently features the Golden arches, my kids mainly ignore billboards. Well, that is almost true, my oldest loves billboards featuring cellphones. Am I in trouble now! LOL!



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