Google advertising has policies against "advertiser unfriendly" videos on YouTube, allowing them to pull ads from video's. While most videos seem to have a single ad, and many You-Tubers that focus on topics like Atheism, LGTB, and basic news and information have ads pulled from perfectly reasonable video content. Mr. Hagee's video calling for the end of the world December 29'th 2016 has 19 ads for a 27min long video!!!!!

WHY? This seems beyond crazy on so many levels. I watched the video out of curiosity on this new end of the world prediction and noticed a bizarre number of advertising breaks. I also think it’s crazy that Mr. Hagee is choosing to make another stupid end of the world prediction when so many dozens have come before, including previous predictions he made that never came true.

John Hagee says the world will end this year. Here we go AGAIN /sigh

(To be clear his claim is the Anti-Christ will come at the end of the year marking the "beginning" of the end. It'll be interesting to see who he decides must be the anti-Christ).

-On a complete side note I think it would be AWESOME if google created a non-religion category instead of placing Atheist videos under the flag of "Religion." Doing this would remove many religious ads from Atheist centered video content, as well as removing Muslim dating sites (and other weird adds) from sites like Atheist Nexus. I mean I'd consider dating a Muslim girl if it wasn't a death sentence for her to date me..... 



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Comment by Michael Penn on September 9, 2016 at 7:32pm

I see the situation and share your thoughts but I do not have this problem. I'm not bothered by Google ads anywhere and even on You Tube. I watch ad free. Please do not tell Google.  lol

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