christens, Mormons, Jehovah witnesses, and most Anglo Saxton based religions believe that humans are the only creatures that god made that have a soul. dogs cats birds and every freaking creature upon the fucking planet is soulless man is placed on top of the world i find this funny really christens? you people actually believe this? what am i talking about of coerce you do. animals also are not allowed into heaven being soulless they are bared from the pearly gates sorry fido your s.o.l in the after life. so according to christens animals have no consequence they can run about poop on lawns bit little kids and hump sofa cushions(masturbation is a sin in the christen belief) and couch humping is doggie masturbation so they are let of the hook for that. its amusing to me animals have no need to fear god or satin. yet man does if you so much as fart in the hall ways of a church you just might to the that big scary place. so is god a animal lover at his omnipresent hart? or is he allergic to cats and that is why they are not allowed in to haven ? i can not believe that there are grown people who believe in this crap.

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